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About Esports Tipster Betting

The betting arm of Esports Tipster provides you with the latest betting tips and predictions, as well as bonus codes, promotions and more for real money and crypto betting.

With writers that possess years of experience in producing sports betting content, we look to combine our own expertise with the data available to us to provide not only match previews with specially selected betting tips, but also accumulator tips, league-specific tips, odds on CSGO and the ESL Pro League, The League of Legends World Championship, DOTA 2 International and hundreds more esports tournaments.

Esports is global and so are we. For those searching for guides about eSports betting in America, we cover the US, Canada and LATAM countries including Brazil in detail. European readers will find our site localised in various languages with esports odds in German, French and Spanish languages to name a few. We have Asia covered too, including odds for Japan and China esports fans.

The latest version of our Esports Tipster website was designed with the intention to help you find the best information to make informed decisions with confidence. A key part of our expertise is connecting you with top quality online gaming products which are 100% safe and secure in your region.

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Esports Tipster is London based, with most of our developers and writers in London and the south east of England. Our main office and HQ is in London, UK at Protein Studios in Shoreditch. You’ll find is just down the road from Guild and a stone’s throw away from our favourite restaurant Dishoom, which takes inspiration from Irani cafés which were popular across India’s Bombay in the 1960s.

Whilst the bulk of our content is created in the UK, we look to cover esports for the global audience it commands and are increasingly expanding.

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