PUBG Odds, Predictions & Tips Guide by Esports Tipster 2023

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation which was inspired by the film Battle Royale Japan produced in 2000.

Free-for-all battle royal games where everyone faces off against each other have become one of the biggest phenomena in esports history. The modes already existed in some first-person shooter games, but they weren’t the main attraction.

Are you a fan of esports and interested in placing PUBG bets? Are you looking to begin your esports betting journey or leverage your knowledge of PUBG for betting purposes? We have a dedicated text just for you. Take a look at the comprehensive guide below to get started in the world of PUBG betting.

If you are looking for a PUBG bet we recommend checking out our top list of gambling sites for esports which includes PUBG bookies with the best PUBG betting sites and Apps.

How PUBG works

PUBG ranks sixth most popular esports game title in terms of prize money distributed until 2023. In total, when combining PUBG tournaments played on computer and mobile platforms, PUBG tournaments have distributed over $100 million.

PUBG is also one of the esports that has generated the most revenue for players and esports organizations globally. The game is surpassed by well-followed games such as CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Although the fact that PUBG is a new game title demonstrates the size of the opportunities that exist for the game in the world of esports and PUBG betting.

PUBG gameplay takes place on a battlefield where everyone faces each other until only one is the winner. There are team game modes, but the main attraction of the game is the battle royale.

Best PUBG betting sites

Real money Pubg betting sites are multiplying as are sites that accept crypto bets on Pubg. The strengthening, professionalization, and growth of esports all contribute to this movement. Therefore, betting sites have focused their attention on the esports audience - as is the case with Betway and Pinnacle.

But there is one thing that is universal: you need to choose a safe platform for betting online with esports just as with traditional sports betting! No matter what your favorite game or esports is, to make your bets fun, you need to use a site or app that guarantees the security of your funds.

When choosing which PUBG betting site to bet with, security first is the best policy. If you have doubts, take a look at our list of the best betting sites and choose the one that best fits your in with your location and requirements such as language, payment wallet options and pubg bonuses.

PUBG mobile betting

The first thing to consider is how you will bet on pubg: computer or mobile. The dynamics of the matches are the same, but there are some mechanical differences that need to be considered when using different devices.

Betting on PUBG tournaments and matches on mobile follows the same rules as PUBG betting on the computer. The game doesn’t change. Therefore, PUBG betting and PUBG odds also don’t change. Betting on PUBG games on the computer and on mobile follow all the same dynamics.

PUBG betting tips

Once you have chosen the best device for your needs and know which betting site or app to use, it’s time to get some basic tips that can help you a lot when placing PUBG bets online.


The best pubg teams and players in the world influence how matches play out. Top professional pubg are a dab hand with pubg shortcuts and understand the best ways to use the game’s resources.

Stream the best PUBG players on Twitch and view the tactics they use during pubg matches. If pubg mobile is your thing, be sure to check the strategies of the best PUGB mobile players to improve your winning percentage.

Be mindful that if want to bet on PUBG mobile matches and tournaments, there will be differences in teams and players. The teams and athletes in the computer and mobile versions of PUBG are different.

Develop knowledge about the best PUBG mobile teams and players when placing PUBG bets based on matches and games played on the mobile version.


With pubg betting, many gamblers only focus on the outcome and forget about safe tactics. Some betting sites promise much higher profits than average, and this attracts many people. But ask yourself; is this betting site safe? Are your bets and your money secure with the betting sites operator?

Only bet on reliable sites that have been online for a long time. Avoid over the top bonuses and focus on learning pubg game tactics inside out.


The more you know about PUBG game elements, the more you can use PUBG odds to your advantage. Odds are the probabilities of an event happening within the game. For example, the chance of a team winning the match, the chance of a player finishing with more kills than their opponents, etc.

The more you know about the game of PUBG, the more you’ll understand the strategies and tactics used by professionals, and the more you play, the better chance you have of hitting big wins with the best esports odds. Ensure you put PUBG odds in your favor by learning in detail about PUBG gaming online worldwide.


Placing PUBG bets online is increasingly easy and safe provided you follow the rules of the trade. The increase in the number of professional tournaments and matches gives gamblers more opportunities to put pubg gaming knowledge into practice.

In addition, the growing appeal of PUBG among gamers in Canada, the UK, India, and Korea means that more and more people are watching and betting on matches. These two factors combined make PUBG betting one of the most interesting esports betting prospects on the scene.

To get the most fun and profit out of placing bets on pubg online, only use the best betting sites and understand the dynamics of tournaments and matches before you wager. If you have any doubts, you’ll find our pubg guide online packed with tips twenty four seven!


If you enjoy watching PUBG live, you can do so here, provided a match is being played as you read this. If you’re betting on PUBG, one of the best things you can do is stream PUBG gameplay in real time.