Overwatch Guide with Odds, Predictions & Tips by Esports Tipster 2023

Overwatch is Blizzard’s fourth major franchise. A first-person shooter which has since spawned popular sequel Overwatch 2. Overwatch revolutionized the esports world when it was launched in 2016. The game combined the dynamics of first-person shooter matches with MOBA strategies.

The number of pro players specialising in Overwatch is increasing. Twitch has reported it has seen a surge in Overwatch activity and viewers. Overwatch real money betting is also naturally on the rise. This combination brought to light something unprecedented: a game that demands mechanical skills, precision, and control of each hero’s magical resources.

Our aim is to bring you the best bookmakers with betting sites offering Overwatch bets.  On this page, you will find the latest news about betting on Overwatch, bonuses and tips. Browse our bookmakers based on up-to-date information and details about Overwatch betting, odds and bonuses before you bet. We have tested all bookmakers offering the eSports game Overwatch ourselves to offer a comprehensive overview of the best Overwatch bookmakers in the industry.


Overwatch is a free-to-play action game first published by Blizzard in 2016. Overwatch 2 released in 2022. Overwatch Matches are played between two teams of five players. Objectives are defined according to the map. Some of the game’s most popular modes are strategic point control, cargo loading, and deathmatch elimination.

Overwatch games begin with players selecting characters. There are three choices: damage, support, and tank. The tank’s function is to make room for the team. Because they attack, damage heroes are the most popular option. Supporters provide rewards, armor, and health for their teammates.

Overwatch Map Strategy

Every Overwatch map requires a different strategy. Tanks are the most crucial heroes on terrain with limited entrances. They act as a shield, allowing wounded heroes to dominate the opposition. Supports use their skills to keep tanks in the game amongst all of this.

In other maps, the focus is on damage heroes. They must position themselves in the highest parts of the map and ensure that their tanks and support can dominate strategic parts of the map and maintain these positions until the end of the rou

Overwatch Tournaments to place bets on

Blizzard announced the Overwatch League in 2017 at Blizzcon, thus creating an official league for the game Overwatch with the aim of professionalizing the competitive scene and offering players an opportunity to compete in an organized and structured environment. Rather than the traditional system of inviting a bunch of pro teams to compete, Blizzard is instead giving forum community members, highly ranked gamers, or well known industry figures, a chance to represent their country in the tournament.

The Overwatch League features teams from different cities around the world, with professional players who compete in exciting matches in a regular season, playoffs, and finals format. Since its creation, the Overwatch League has attracted millions of viewers worldwide, turning Overwatch into one of the top esports games today. Additionally, the league has also been important for the professionalization of the esports competitive scene, establishing standards of behavior and ethics for players, teams, and organizations involved in the esports world.

How to bet on Overwatch

Overwatch betting is available online at certain betting sites who are on top of their eSports game. Due to Overwatch being a new eSports game right now there are limited betting sites offering Overwatch betting although the Overwatch betting options are improving in a slow and steady fashion. There are a handful of trustworthy eSports betting sites competing to sign you up.

We will guide you to the best eSports betting sites offering Overwatch and seek out those generous welcome bonuses for you as a new customer. We suggest you take a few minutes to browse through our our trusted betting sites, sign up an account and claim your bonus! This is usually added to your account upon making your first deposit. These days bookmakers have short registration forms which make the initial sign up easy. Once registered, go into the eSports tab, make your first deposit and place your first bet on Overwatch or a mixture of games! The vast majority of our chosen betting sites offer a generous exclusive sign up bonus – a great incentive to give betting a go!

When to bet

With Overwatch being in its infancy the choices are limited to when a big Overwatch tournament is being played. Placing small bets well in advance is what we suggest. The same thing happened with eSports games such as LoL with betting sites testing the water with betting before diving straight in. Overwatch Live and In-play options are scarce although not totally of limits if you do your homework. As Overwatch matures we predict betting on Overwatch will be as simple as betting on current mainstream sports like football or tennis. But for now bet pre match and well in advance of your chosen tournament to make your bet count.

Where can I place bets on Overwatch?

Consistently Pinnacle leads the pack when it comes to eSports betting. Betting on Overwatch at Pinnacle is readily available. NetBet also is not shy of Overwatch betting. During our reviews, Overwatch took pride of place at NetBet. It was easy to find and easily to navagate to alongside the big hitters like LoL and DOTA 2 at on a regular basis. Although we suggest you do not just limit yourself to seeking out Overwatch because there are variety of leagues and games covered such as DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 so why not do a little spread betting. Usually your bonus allows you to play around with the games a little!

As with other sports such as football and tennis there are many types of bet you can place on Overwatch with our top betting sites. The risks and rewards associated with betting on Overwatch are the same as any other sport. Search for Overwatch within the eSports tab. You can find it from the left menu, usually at the bottom, decide how much you want to bet on Overwatch based on the available odds and place your bets. If your bet selection is that of a sharp shooter, then you can either play again at the some or rival betting sites or withdraw your money.

Check out our bookmakers and you start placing bets on Overwatch now.

Why bet on Overwatch?

Around the Overwatch release, more than 9.7 million players gathered during a May 2016 open beta mode. Once Blizzard officially dropped Overwatch the game received universal acclaim from even the harshest critics, who jumped on the games accessibility and stunning visual gameplay elements.

Blizzard then is committed to eSports and has a proven track record of success in the eSports field. Overwatch right now is the latest weapon up the Blizzard teams sleeve. Blizzard have come out and admitted they have put its heart and soul into Overwatch and they rarely put a foot wrong. Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 has gathered pace like a steamtrain and we predict the same path for Overwatch.

Overwatch features to consider when placing a bet

Overwatch features squad-based combat with two opposing teams of six players each.

Characters in Overwatch come in four varieties: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support.

Each Overwatch map has a specific game mode that it supports, which include: Assault, Escort, Hybrid (Assault/Escort) & Control.

Overwatch features several means of gameplay, including tutorial and practice modes against computer-controlled opponents, casual matchmaking, weekly brawls, custom games, and competitive play.

Overwatch Betting – Tactics and Talents

It has to be said that the gameplay of Overwatch is somewhat lacking in terms of being the ideal spectator experience for betting. It can be tricky for commentators and viewers to see the skills of the players, also map designs and game modes are a little bit hand-brackish.

Although, there are many simple generic esports hints and tips skills which apply to Overwatch to help you on your way to a pocket full of cash.

For example, simple team selection is vitally important and can earn you big bucks with Overwatch. As with Starcraft 2, the big teams nearly always come out on top. They are rarely rattled and consistently perform well. It is fair to say that even with squad selection issues the bigger Overwatch teams like a Manchester United type outfit are rarely truly shaken.

Within a team of course an individual players form can dip, although Overwatch games players tend to be more solid than vs other games. This is down the teams who play Overwatch and how professional their training and practice is leading up to a tournament

So in short, have no fear backing your chosen horses when betting on Overwatch.

Another great reason to bet on Overwatch is that the impact of game patches and map updates also tends to have minimal impact vs other games.

It goes without saying that in order to be successful in Overwatch betting, it’s important to stay up to date with recent tournament results, do some homework regarding the best teams, research any big player transfers, and stay up to date with the latest news in our news section.


We will provide you with some Overwatch betting advice now that you are more familiar with the game. To start betting on Overwatch esports, you must first create an account on a betting platform. The majority of platforms let people wager on Overwatch games and competitions.

Select a reputable Overwatch betting provider that has convenient deposit and withdrawal options. Select a safe website that provides local language online assistance. Look over our list of best esports betting sites for you if you’re still not sure which platform to use.

Once you are happy with Overwatch basics and have selected the best betting site to begin your Overwatch bets, what comes next? How can you increase your chances of making money? You may boost your wagers by using our Overwatch betting guide, which we have developed. Check out the three Overwatch betting suggestions listed below to streamline your life.


The Overwatch League is the official Overwatch championship. The event is sponsored by Blizzard and features millionaire franchises spread almost worldwide. When it was launched, the Overwatch League revolutionized the way esports tournaments are organized.

The best teams and players in the world of Overwatch are in the Overwatch League. Your performance in Overwatch betting will greatly improve if you know the strategies, tactics, and ways of winning that are being used by professional teams.

Watch some Overwatch League matches and study the gameplay of the top teams in the world. This way, you’ll have an easier time choosing which team has the best chance of winning.


Streaming allows you to watch Overwatch teams in action and get a better understanding of their players, performances, and strategies. You can evaluate a team’s strengths and weaknesses, play style, and individual player performances by watching Overwatch matches live. You can boost your chances of winning by using this information to make more informed bets. 

Additionally, watching live streams can give you access to valuable insights from professional analysts and commentators, which can further inform your betting strategy. Overall, streaming Overwatch matches is an essential part of researching and preparing for successful Overwatch betting.


Studying and streaming Overwatch might not be enough. Knowing the basic rules of the game is also not enough. There is nothing that beats practical gaming knowledge. Do you know why the best Overwatch gamblers are also the best players? Because they know how everything works from the inside, through trial and error.

Knowing when to use your ultimate ability or when to protect yourself from a combined attack from the opposing team can make all the difference when betting. The more you know about the game, the more chances you’ll have of picking a winner.


Investing all of your money in a small number of bets is one of the most frequent errors made in Overwatch betting. You should aim to do the opposite. Put little sums on a variety of wagers. By doing this, you will lower the risk and boost your chances of making money.

You may learn how to diversify the risk of your bets at our betting academy. Have fun while using our advice!


Betting on Overwatch is one of the most lucrative and entertaining things to get involved with in the current esports scene. Bet with caution, study the dynamics of the game, and follow the steps presented in this guide. This way, your bets will be safer, and you will have much more fun longterm.