Find our review for the top 10 best gaming monitors out there. Why they have made it on to our top list and where you can buy them.

piXL PX27UDH4K - £178.98

piXL PX27UDH4K - £178.98

  • Amazing quality viewing - 4x the number of pixels compared with full HD (8 million compared with 2 million on full HD)
  • USB-C - Work seamlessly. The USB-C port provides lightning-fast video/audio/data transmission
  • Excellent colours and clarity
  • Conform to the latest environmental standards
AOC 27G2SAE/BK - £153.28

AOC 27G2SAE/BK - £153.28

  • 27-inch 165Hz Full HD gaming monitor
  • Games Mode function, you can switch between games and graphic settings quickly
  • You can synchronize both your AMD and NVIDIA video card with G-Sync or FreeSync Premium, which prevents screen tearing when you're gaming
iiyama G-MASTER G2766HSU-B - £177.23

iiyama G-MASTER G2766HSU-B - £177.23

  • Great Size 68.6 cm (27")
  • High Quality 1920 x 1080 pixels, Full HD, LED
  • The light curve in the screen creates a panoramic effect
  • With a rate of 165Hz and a response time of 1ms, this monitor is suitable for the fastest games.
  • Curve creates a wider field of vision and is less taxing on your eyes.
CRUA 27 Inch 180HZ - £159.99

CRUA 27 Inch 180HZ - £159.99

  • The curved design of all CRUA 27 is excellent for a immersive viewing experience
  • A higher refresh rate can facilitate a more fluid gaming experience and reduce motion distortion in fast-paced games.
  • Fast refresh rate, and supports FreeSync technology
  • This higher resolution provides a more detailed and sharper image quality, making it suitable for gamers who enjoy playing games with rich and detailed graphics.
Philips 42M2N8900/00 - £1375.79

Philips 42M2N8900/00 - £1375.79

  • Colours are vivid and diverse
  • HUGE 41.5in power of a screen
  • A thin panel profile that allows for slimmer designs, and essentially infinite contrast ratios
  • The screen eschews the usual gaming monitor black in favour of a white colour scheme
  • Incredibly stylish
  • The future of screens
KOORUI 24-Inch Curve 24N5C - £89.99

KOORUI 24-Inch Curve 24N5C - £89.99

  • KOORUI curved monitor using a 23.6'' VA screen, delivers 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz breathtaking viewing quality.
  • Full HD 1080P 60Hz Gaming Monitor 1800R LED Monitor HDMI VGA
  • This curved gaming monitor is ability to tilt 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward, the added tilt feature will provide multiple options for finding the optimum angle to view the screen
  • The 24 inch pc monitors can effectively reduce blue light radiation damage, no flickering, eye-care, and make it easier to watch for a long time.
LG UltraGear 27GQ50F-B 27" - £217.99

LG UltraGear 27GQ50F-B 27" - £217.99

  • Very crisp and clear quality picture
  • Excellent response time. An ultra-fast speed of 165Hz allows gamers to see the next frame quickly
  • Reduce input lag with Dynamic Action Sync so it helps gamers catch critical moments in real-time.
  • Great peak brightness.
  • Great color accuracy out of the box.
Viewsonic VX2718-P-MHD 27 - £189.99

Viewsonic VX2718-P-MHD 27 - £189.99

  • Excellent dual-integrated speakers
  • Great picture quality for both gaming and content watching
  • Low input lag
  • Very high contrast for a low price
  • Supports VESA mounting
KOORUI - £189.99

KOORUI - £189.99

  • This gaming monitor is with 240Hz refresh rate (compatible with most normal graphics cards) and FHD 1920*1080p resolution
  • The 27 inch FHD(1920*1080) display with the DCI-P3 90% wide color gamut brings what you’re watching to life in over 16.7M colors.
  • High color accuracy, no fading phenomenon, the colors of all angles are more realistic, detailed and consistent. Ensuring you can get the same image quality from any angle.
  • Gaming Monitor combines a refresh rate of 240 Hz with FreeSync, thus enabling smooth, smooth gaming sessions
ARZOPA Portable Monitor - £199.99

ARZOPA Portable Monitor - £199.99

  • 15.6" 1920×1080 FHD IPS Portable Monitor for Laptop with Single-rod,
  • IPS portable screen delivers 178° full view angle
  • Blue light filter technology keep your eyes from tireness
  • HDR rendering technology restore the real picture, stronger contrast, more dynamic range and image details, delivers you an awesome viewing experience.
  • Ideal for extending your screen or playing games on business trips or when traveling
  • Built-in 2 speakers deliver an incredible sound and immersive experience
  • Super light which makes it very portable