DOTA 2 Odds, Predictions & Tips Guide by Esports Tipster 2023

If you are here then it is probably because you want to start real money on DOTA 2 betting. Once you feel the time is right to make some money betting on DOTA 2 it is a good idea to watch and keep track of the DOTA professional leagues on Twitch and other streaming sites.

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Where can I find the best bonus for betting on DOTA 2?

DOTA 2 is a massive game and a mainstay for most of our best eSports betting sites. Needless to say, most betting sites offer some great bonuses that allow you to bet on DOTA 2. View the variety of exclusive welcome bonuses offered per eSports betting site, select the game DOTA 2 and then go to view the odds and decide what you want to bet on. We can take you to the water, but we can’t make you drink. You must do that! We strive to feature all you need to enjoy betting on DOTA 2 right here on this page. All you need to do is to stay informed about the movers and the shakers within the eSports world to turn your bonus into cash.

How DOTA 2 is played

DOTA 2 is typical strategy game which features two teams consisting of five players each. They compete against each other to destroy the other team’s base or Ancient, as it is called in the game. Each DOTA 2 game takes on average 40 minutes. The best way to spot the Ancient is that it looks like a sort of tower building. Both teams (Dire and Radiant) start at opposing ends of the map and make their way through game by fighting against each other. During DOTA 2 gameplay there are towers that shoot at the opposing teams and these must first be destroyed before a team can get to the other team’s base. To help each team along the way there are also characters called Creeps which are bots that help players with the fight to get to the other side side of the map. When one team makes it to the rival teams base and have destroyed their Ancient, the game is over. The role of Heroes in DOTA 2 Within a team the five players must select and play DOTA 2 with characters called Heroes. All heroes have different qualities and strengths that are good for different strategies. There are 110 heroes to choose from. Some heroes are better suited to roles as support characters, which means they can help the rest of the team by strengthening them and replenishing health when needed. Other heroes are more focused on being good warriors and are chosen to inflict as much damage as possible on the opposing team. During the game players can also earn money by, for example, killing the opposing team’s Heroes or Creeps. With money players can buy various tools such as potions all with the aim to make a players Hero to become stronger.

How to bet on DOTA 2

As mentioned earlier DOTA by Valve belongs to the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA genre as it is known. Two teams go at it head to head against each other on one of the various maps. The ultimate aim of the game is to destroy the opposing teams base.

The teams in DOTA 2 are called Radiant and Dire. The Radiant team is located on the bottom-left side of the map, which features a vibrant, happy theme. Whilst the Dire team is located on the top-right side of the map which features a opposing darker more decaying theme. From a gameplay perspective, there are some key differences between the Dire side of the map and the Radiant side. It is worth noting that while the Dire team the may carry evil connotations, the Dire team is not purely evil.

Both the Radiant and the Dire teams have five players, but at the same time they are playing alongside characters that are not controlled by real people. In other words bots. These little guys are called Creeps and are a character that heroes can interact with, but never have direct control over.

What separates the players in teams is of course the hero. Where would a game be without it’s hero? Before the game starts players must select the hero they want to play with. Throughout DOTA 2 gameplay, players can use any money earned on their quest to buy various different objects which build up the hero characters attributes enhancing skills and potential. Each hero spawns with different attributes from the beginning, such as being a warrior or a medic, which influences how players choose their heroes before the game.

Using our best eSports betting sites choose a team you believe will win a specific game, or maybe even which team will win a whole tournament if you are feeling brave. Or even both! Whilst it is easy for seasoned eSports fans to pick winning teams, the truth is as a beginner when it comes to betting on DOTA 2 the competition is fierce and what you will find is that the odds are constantly changing. Things then can get a little bit tricky so a good strategy to use when it comes to betting on DOTA 2 is to spot a team on the up with attractive odds. As in football, a team with an underdog mentality, who you think has a good potential to win is a solid bet. Once you find the right team with your gut and select some nice odds don’t hang around. Do not waste the perfect opportunity to bet on the DOTA 2 and make some moolah.

We hope to make betting on DOTA 2 easy and simple by keeping you up to date with the very best eSports betting sites and displaying what they offer in terms of bonuses etc on DOTA 2. We suggest you watch a few DOTA 2 games for free via various streaming services like Youtube or Twitch Gaming to really enjoy your betting. These days the big DOTA 2 tournaments and the major DOTA 2 leagues usually have a high number of spectators worldwide. The market for esports betting DOTA 2 is booming. We suggest betting on which team will win and then add some in-play betting if your chosen eSports betting site offers this service a little bit later on once you have made a few bets. Although the other main types of bets that can be made on DOTA 2 are as follows:

Defense Against the Ancients (DOTA 2) eSports Betting Advice

DOTA 2 is a free-to-play (F2P) multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by Valve Corporation (aka Valve Software, often called Valve) who are also behind games such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike. Set in a 3D environment, DOTA 2, the successor to the groundbreaking and hugely popular DOTA, is a strategy game for the PC that revolves around a fantasy world. Released on July 9, 2013 DOTA stands for ‘Defense of the Ancients’, which is actually a map in the computer game Warcraft III.

As with other eSports games fans enjoy the thrill of betting on DOTA 2. The game is exciting enough to watch, but having a small bet really turns things up a notch. Valves hands on attention to detail insures that DOTA 2 is constantly being tweaked and updated. Map improvements are thick and fast, with new characters and functionality constantly being scaled up. Teams must be on their toes to establish and maintain their superiority an edge which adds to the fun of betting.

Betting on DOTA tournaments

Everyone likes a flutter at a big tournament and luckily there are numerous big DOTA 2 Championships. Valve, the DOTA games developer, organises the largest DOTA tournament called “The International” every year. A recent International took place on August 3–8, 2015, at KeyArena. The prize pool totalled over $18 million which made it the largest eSports prize pool to date for a single tournament. Every summer you will find information on The International and our betting tips on our homepage.

But there is no need to wait till summer to bet on DOTA 2. There are constantly decent DOTA 2 games being played, big bets being placed and money being made. Take advantage of the variety welcome offers across a variety of the best eSports betting sites now. Sign up and grab a good bonus from one of our best eSports betting sites like Betway and you will have the opportunity to bet on the DOTA 2 without risking your own money!

The Best Tips & Strategies for betting on DOTA 2

Just as with traditional betting for example on football or tennis, when it comes to betting on DOTA 2 it is important to remember the basics. Do some research if you can and delve into how the various top players and teams have performed in their most recent matches. If you are eager to really get into DOTA 2 betting you soak up vital information by getting close to social media for example. Most big DOTA 2 teams now have social channels with vital nuggets of info you can tap into. You can also buy tickets to the big DOTA 2 tournaments online allowing you to experience tournaments DOTA 2 action live and direct. Streaming games directly on your computer screen is also a great betting tool. In fact, increasingly the best eSports betting sites even deliver live streams of games such as DOTA 2 alongside their odds!

DOTA 2 Bet Types

There are various kinds of bets we suggest that try when betting on DOTA 2. As with basketball, the most usual type of bet is to simply bet on the team you believe will win a match during a tournament, or the actual tournament. A teams odds will be linked to their current run of form, such as performances in recent previous matches and so on. Whilst betting on the result of a match is the traditional way to go and hassle free, with eSports you can also bet for example on thing called ‘First Blood’. Now what First Blood means is a bet on the team which you think will manage the first kill on the opposing team. Depending on the scale of the eSports tournament and the scope of the eSports betting site you choose make your betting selection with, there are also other additional niche types of bet you can enjoy when it comes to betting on DOTA 2.

Handicap bet

Handicap (aka spread in American sports) means a fictive head start given to the underdog team – virtually leading the game by 1.5 map, 2.5 map etc. You must either get behind the favourite to beat this handicap or the underdog to hold it.

Win at Least 1 Map

Make this betting selection when you want to bet on your favourite team even though they have a clear disadvantage. You place a bet based on them winning at least one map during a game and/or tournament.

Map X Winner

Here you bet on which team you think will win a specific map.

A Double Chance bet

A double chance bet allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a DOTA 2 game with one bet.

A Correct Score

A Correct Score is when you bet on what the final score of a particular game will be.

First Blood

The first player/team to kill a member of the opposing team. You can even sometimes bet on the first player/team to make a headshot kill. Or first player/team to make it to ten kills!

View the upcoming big DOTA 2 tournaments you can bet on today. Browse our best eSports betting sites and take advantage of the very best welcome bonuses available while you can!

Planning your betting on DOTA 2

When betting on eSports and DOTA 2 we hope by now you can see that the basics are the same as when betting on other, more traditional sports. In order for you to grasp the best eSports betting opportunities and earn a lot of money from your betting, it is important to think about two main things. Your strategy, and also your budget before you even think about betting. Review the various DOTA 2 tournaments that are underway or due to take place right here on this site. Do research on the specific tournaments history, then find a team with good odds who has a strong chance of winning. The next thing which is important is that you set aside a dedicated budget for your betting on DOTA 2. It sounds boring I know, but always be sure to only bet what you can afford to loose. Remember that if you loose, it is not the end of the world. Best thing to do is to mark it down simply as betting experience under your belt. This will help you come out on top in the long run. Remember practice makes perfect – we cannot stress enough the importance of planning in order to get the most out of your eSports gambling.

DOTA 2 Tournament Schedule

If you are interested in placing a bet on one of the big DOTA 2 tournaments you can check them all out below. Here you will find a number of the different DOTA leagues and DOTA tournaments which more than likely you will find featured on the pages of our best eSports betting sites. The biggest, most famous DOTA 2 tournaments annually which offer great odds are:

The International

The International is the pinnacle annual DOTA 2 tournament produced by the DOTA 2 game developer Valve.

DOTA Major Championships

DOTA Major Championships is still ranked as one of the three biggest tournaments during the year.

World Cyber Arena

World Cyber Arena or WCA is another tournament with mega cult like following, which takes place in China.

The Summit

The Summit is a DOTA 2 tournament that is held twice a year. The Summit is highly sought after and established with many years under its belt.