Esports betting odds are the latest product to take the igaming world by storm. With professional esports gaming peaking, an increasing number of streamers have been captivated by the excitement of watching gaming tournaments whilst checking out odds online. This growing interest in the esports realm has led to a surge in the popularity of sites with esports odds, as fans seek to put their knowledge of games and teams to the test by placing bets with esports odds on matches for entertainment and potentially huge rewards.

If delving into the world of esports odds on PC or mobile sounds inviting, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of odds offered online by sportsbook sites. Being able to compare odds across different sites and identifying the best value when placing your bets is essential. On this page, we will delve into the intricacies of esports odds, exploring how they are calculated and providing you with the necessary insights to effectively compare odds online. By doing so, you can ensure that you are maximizing the value of your bets and getting the most out of your wagering experience - no matter if you gamble with real money or crypto.


Understanding esports betting odds requires familiarity with the principles behind odds calculation. We will unravel this process, shedding light on the factors that bookmakers consider when determining odds for esports events. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make informed decisions when comparing odds across different platforms, ensuring that you are making the most advantageous choices for your betting endeavors.

By reading our dedicated odds page, you will possess the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the world of esports betting odds with confidence. You will be equipped to analyze and compare odds from various online bookmakers, enabling you to find the best value and enhance your chances of success. So, whether you’re a seasoned esports gambler or new to esports betting online, understanding and comparing odds effectively will prove invaluable in your quest for an exciting and rewarding esports betting experience.


When investing in eSport betting, maximizing returns is the goal. Knowledge and research play a key role in determining your winnings. However, the most impactful factor is the odds offered by the bookmakers on the betting site. Odds should not be overlooked or underestimated as they are a crucial aspect of betting. Some tipsters may focus too heavily on sign-up bonuses and overlook other important offerings of the bookmaker. That’s why we seek out eSport betting sites with competitive odds and a well-rounded package. Although odds can change with market fluctuations, there are reliable bookmakers with consistent odds you can trust.


To evaluate bookmakers with favorable odds, it’s important to understand what odds represent. They show the potential profit you can make if your bet is correct. The odds are determined by the bookmaker based on their assessment of the likelihood of a certain outcome. If the probability of a result is high, the odds are lower and if it’s low, the odds are higher. This means taking on more risk can lead to higher profits.

The traditional odds are for victory or defeat, meaning a win can double your stake (odds of 2.00) or even triple it (odds of 3.00) if you bet on a loss. Of course, you need to make the correct prediction.

Does this mean the odds indicate the outcome of an eSport game? It can be seen that way, as it can be assumed that the lower odds have a higher likelihood of occurring. However, surprises can still happen. If you feel confident in your prediction or live betting skills, don’t let high odds discourage you.

Some bookmakers use variable odds, which can change over time, especially in live betting. Fixed odds, on the other hand, remain the same from the start, making it easier to calculate potential profits, especially for simple bets and for those new to eSport betting.

If you think odds rising is feasible, it’s often wise to delay placing your bet. Live betting, in particular, requires sharp senses to time the bet correctly and not too early. Observing bookmakers patterns can be helpful. It is a good idea to examine the bookmaker’s initial stance on odds, and perform bookie comparisons as and when you see fit.


When looking for a bookmaker with the best betting odds for eSports, we made a comparison and saw which provider is particularly convincing. However, we did not only focus on the odds, but also included other criteria that are important for a good bookmaker. Nevertheless, the quotas are of course in the foreground. Anyone who cannot offer good odds has no chance of getting onto the podium and securing one of the first places. The eSport betting odds comparison is a comparison of the odds as well as basic criteria that a tipper should bet on.

1. Security - how good are you here?

For many people, safety is at the top of the list of things that are important to them. Why should this be any different when looking for a bookmaker? We have therefore included safety as one of the most important criteria in the comparison. In order for a bookmaker to be able to convince in the eSport odds comparison, a high level of security is required. This begins with the transfer of the data. If you enter your details or make payments, this should only be done via a secure connection. Security does not stop with good encryption, but continues even if you are already logged in. Because of course you want to work with a reputable bookmaker and this seriousness is underlined when a license is available.

2. Betting offer for eSports - what does the bookmaker have to offer?

When the question of safety has been clarified, you can continue with a look at important criteria that should definitely not be missing. In our comparison, the next criterion behind the odds was the betting offer. Good odds and security are of little use if you are not satisfied with the betting offer. In the area of ​​eSports, this is generally kept rather clear. In the comparison we therefore made sure that a bookmaker who wants to reach the top also has a sufficient selection of options to be able to place different bets. The classic betting offer should appeal to you as well as the live bets that are made available.

3. The handling of the platform - how fast can bets be placed?

The security and the betting offer are right, then it goes to the platform. They usually say to bet your money wisely, and that’s right. But if you want to be active in eSport betting , then speed should not be missing. So that you can fill out your betting slip quickly, you need a simple and clearly structured platform that is available to you. It starts with the search for the odds and the conditions on the website and extends to your personal area where you place bets. Everything should be right here.

4. The support - what kind of service is offered to you?

The customer is king and when you place your eSport bets, then you are the bookmaker’s customer. Accordingly, the support should also be geared towards ensuring that you receive good support. The service from a bookmaker can have many faces. It is interesting to see how well the help area on the website is developed. You can find out more here before you contact support directly. This brings us to another important point, because in a comparison it is always interesting to know how the service can be achieved. A free hotline or live chat are of course always the first choice. In addition, we look at the friendliness of the support and its efficiency in a comparison, because not only friendliness, but also competent help must be available.

5. The app - what about a mobile version?

Most of the time is on the go. Nowadays it is actually the case that people are constantly on the move and use the travel times in the train or bus to get most things done. This works very well if the right app is available and for this very reason it is important that a bookmaker also has an app on offer. Most bookmakers now actually have, as they are aware that their customers would like to bet on eSports on the go. Now the app just has to fit your operating system. Mobile websites are a good alternative. This means that the bookmaker offers you a mobile website and you can use it for any operating system.

6. Payment methods - how flexible is the bookmaker when it comes to payment?

Do you want to quickly transfer money to your account via your e-wallet provider or have your winnings paid out to have fun with friends on the weekend? This only works if the bookmaker is really flexible with the payment methods. Of course, a large selection of variants is very good, ranging from credit cards to online payment providers. But also look at possible costs and compare the duration of the payouts with the individual providers, because the differences are sometimes very large.

7. Betting bonus - how good are the possible bonus offers?

Do you want to fill your account and don’t want to use your own money? Then you are one of those tipsters who appreciate good bonus promotions. The principle is very simple: the bookmaker offers you a bonus or several promo campaigns and in return you stay with him in return or register with the provider in the first place. It is ideal if the bookmaker makes constantly changing bonus offers available and also takes its existing customers into account. We therefore took a look at this area in comparison .


In the eSport odds comparison we could see that the odds of the bookmakers sometimes vary very strongly. Why is that? First and foremost, a bookmaker wants to make money, of course, and the higher he sets his odds, the more money he has to pay you in the event of a win and the less money you bet yourself. That is a very simple calculation. If you can make 100$/£/€ out of 50 euros with a rate of 2.00 and another provider offers you the option of making 100$/£/€ with a rate of 4.00 out of 25$/£/€, then you will of course only bet 25 $/£/€. You can make higher profits, but the bookmaker earns less from you.

Now the providers are aware that the odds are very important to the tipsters and of course they want the customers to be satisfied. So they look to see how far they can go with their odds. The eSport odds comparison has already shown that many of the bookmakers rely on fair odds and do not only want to enrich themselves. But there are also providers who lure you with good odds, but keep them flexible and then like to correct them downwards at short notice.

The eSport betting odds comparison has shown that you can lose a lot of money if you don’t bother to compare the odds of the individual providers. That does not mean that you should compare the providers before every eSport bet. With our expert eSports odds comparison, you have a very good basis for recognizing whether a bookmaker has consistently good odds to offer. The odds should therefore definitely have an influence on the decision with which provider you ultimately want to register.


You now know the criteria that we have for an eSport betting odds comparison as a basis for the best provider. We have compared exactly which bookmaker can convince with the betting odds as well as the support, the betting offer and the customer bonus. The following three bookmakers were able to prevail against the competition:

1. NetBet is winner

A winner quickly emerged in almost all criteria and that is NetBet. The provider is a British bookmaker with a relatively long experience in sports betting and a customer base that is considered very satisfied. Just looking at the security and the betting offer, we noticed that the provider doesn’t need to hide. You can test different live bets and the classic eSports offer offers you a very good basis for varied weather experiences. NetBet is no slouch when it comes to the bonus. The provider is very well positioned here and offers you the opportunity to receive a high bonus with the deposit, with which you can place your bets. By the way, when placing bets, you don’t need to worry that this could take up too much time. Thanks to the simple and clear internal area, you can place your bets quickly and at very good odds, as the comparison shows. The bookmaker’s offer is rounded off by fair customer support that you can always easily reach.

2. Betway in second place

In second place was Betway, sponsors of the esports team G2 esports. The bookmaker was one of the first big gambling operators to offer esports odds and from then on has made its gamers happy with a wide range of bets and very fair odds. This has dragged on over the years and with it, the provider can do very well here. Betway is particularly versatile when it comes to payment methods. If you like it varied here, then this bookmaker is a good choice. Another highlight is the bonus offered by Betway for new customers. At Betway, the odds, the offer, and the bonus are great for customers from the UK - being able to operate on the island nation means their operation is legit.

3. Casumo wins third place

Just because Casumo is in third place doesn’t have to mean that the award-winning site/app has to hide from the other two. The opposite is the case, because Casumo is now a real traditional company that has been offering its customers the option of sports betting for more than two decades and never tire of expanding and improving the current offer. The result is impressive, because at Interwetten you get very good odds, a great betting offer and also optimal support. However, it is the odds that ensured that the bookmaker made it onto the podium. These are always classified as very high, the tipsters agree on this and report good experiences.


We very much hope our eSports betting odds comparison serves as a robust and reliable resource for those seeking a trustworthy bookmaker that doesn’t compromise on quality. While the registration process might be quick and straightforward, it’s important to invest ample time in thoroughly evaluating betting sites and apps. With the ever-growing number of bookmakers in the market, all competing for new esports gamblers, you have the advantage of an extensive selection to choose from. However, making the best decision for you requires effort, and comparing all the available options is not a quick task either on a mobile or with half a dozen monitors!

Esports Tipster believes that comparing betting odds entails looking beyond the numbers themselves. It involves considering the overall behavior and characteristics of the bookmaker. Merely focusing on potential winnings may lead to overlooking a bookmaker that can provide long-term satisfaction. When you’re investing your hard-earned money, settling for anything less than the best is simply not an option. It is crucial to work with the right provider from the very beginning.

While it’s true that you can switch from site to site to search for better odds, taking into account the entire package right from the start will ensure a superior overall experience, even if the odds may not be the highest. It’s about finding a bookmaker with a site/app that aligns with your specific needs and preferences, offering not only competitive odds but also a user-friendly interface, reliable customer support, secure payment options, and a wide range of betting markets.

By thoroughly comparing the various bookmaker options on our platform, you can make smart decisions that suit your individual requirements. We provide you with the necessary tools and information to explore each provider’s offerings, assessing their brand reputation, reliability, and overall user experience. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re partnering with a reputable bookie that values your satisfaction and puts your betting experience in the driving seat.

Remember, the world of eSports betting is constantly evolving, and finding a reliable bookmaker is essential for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Take the time to compare, analyze, and choose wisely, and you’ll set yourself up for a rewarding and successful eSports betting experience.