Fantasy Esports Guide 2023 | A Comprehensive Guide for fantasy esports betting

Fantasy sports have boomed in recent years, with ever evolving leagues and competitive formats making a huge dent in the online gambling revolution, especially in the US. The simple concept of creating your own perfect virtual team and competing against others has caught the attention of millions of gaming fans. eSports has been welcomed into the fantasy sports domain with popular videogames titles incorporated into electronic sports by fantasy providers.

In the following guide, we will answer the most common questions about fantasy esports. We’ll tackle the differences between esports betting and daily fantasy esports and list where you can play and what are the best esports for DFS online.

How Fantasy Esports works online

The concept of fantasy esports isn’t rocket science. In fantasy, gamblers select virtual teams from a pool of potential real-life players and compete against competitors’ team picks. So first you assemble your fantasy lineup. Then, based on the real-life performance of your selected players your team scores points which are then compared against other rival teams to determine the winner.

Let’s use Fantasy League of Legends as an example. How to play Fantasy League of Legends is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Players begin by creating their own fantasy league with up to eight teams, or by joining one if they receive an invitation from a friend. Once the league is operational, it is time to move on to the next step, which consists of drafting the team.

There are seven starting positions so your League of Legends fantasy draft will usually consist of 7 picks (1 for each lane position, captain plus team). Those picks earn/lose points for Kills/Deaths/Assists or in-game objectives like Baron, Turret or Dragon kills.

Your chosen Fantasy league operator will set a Game Set (meaning how many games your roster is eligible for) and you all set to wait for the results and see if your picks win money.

Fantasy eSports v eSports Betting

Traditional esports betting and fantasy leagues require players to predict the outcome of the game. In both cases, punters are rewarded for their ability to anticipate what happens during the match, with several in-game events being covered. Research and practice go a long way in both cases, but there are differences and certain aspects specific to each type of game.

Esports betting at conventional bookmakers requires gamblers to bet an amount at predetermined odds and get paid if they make the right bet. There is a clear link between the sum invested and the potential profits, so players know what is up for grabs and what can be lost. They only get to pick the teams or pro gamers based on the existing competitors and hope for the desired result.

Fantasy esports differs from esports betting because fantasy allows gamblers to assemble their own custom squads that include players from several teams. The performance of individual pro gamers, as well as the results recorded by their teams, is factored in to determine the winners. Fantasy esports can also be played for free or using virtual currency, which is ideal for countries where traditional sports betting isn’t legal.

What is DFS when it’s at home?!

The list of esports fantasy league competitions is growing daily. Currently, CSGO and League of Legends and the two eSports that dominate fantasy, so it makes that CSGO and LOL tournaments receive the most DFS coverage, streaming views, and deposits. Depending on availability at the time when you log into your fantasy site, you should be able to enter contests dedicated to real-life esports tournament events such as DreamHack Open, ESL, LPL, the World Championship, and more.

The selection of available titles may vary between fantasy operators. If we look at our current Monkey Knife Fight promotion, your bonus can be used on Fantasy CSGO, LoL, Valorant, COD, or Rocket League fantasy competitions.

New esports titles are added to Monkey Knife Fight and other fantasy sites all the time, meaning you expect your favorite game title to be added online soon.

Is Daily Fantasy eSports gambling?

The similarity between esports betting and daily fantasy esports is only in the concept that you are wagering on the performance of the athletes or team to perform well. Of course, you may be requested a fee to participate with rewards handed out based on said fee.

This would entail you engaging in esports fantasy betting, but only as far as betting on your own knowledge and skill to select the best roster and win the DFS contest.

The estimated number of DFS players in 2020 was over the 45 million in the US alone! With the global market being worth over $20 billion!

How do you select fantasy teams?

Fantasy teams are easy to assemble and fun to play with. In the fantasy world, you can create the team of your dreams, which is a good way to satisfy all those desires you get as an esports fan. Do you want a mixed CSGO team with the best players from FaZe Clan and Team Vitality? Maybe add a few G2 esports players into the fantasy mix for good measure. Simply build your perfect fantasy roster online, and see what magic they can work together! If you’ve played fantasy football we bet you’ll love it!

Should you play fantasy eSports?

Unlike placing traditional esports bets with bookmakers, fantasy esports is points based. With fantasy points based systems, punters have more control over gaming contests versus esports betting. Feel like a fantasy flutter? Why not put your esports knowledge to the test in the fantasy realm online?

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