PayPal is the most popular e-wallet on the market in the US, UK and increasingly Europe. If you are looking to bet on eSports games like League of Legends (LOL) with PayPal as a banking method then rest assured that Paypal is one of fastest and safest ways to make deposits and withdrawals. Paypal operates in countries where online betting is 100% legal and only works with sites properly licensed via the relevant regulatory bodies per country.

An issue with Paypal is that it can be hard to find an eSports betting site which accepts bets via Paypal. The reason for this is because Paypal integration into gambling is new, very much country dependant and can be expensive to turn on for operators.

We made it our mission to review betting sites offering LOL odds and Paypal depositing/withdrawing. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about using PayPal to bet on LOL. Once you have cracked betting on LOL, you can then apply your knowledge other eSports games like CSGO, FIFA and Valorant to name a few.

About Paypal eSports Betting Online

The first version of the PayPal electronic payments system was launched in 1998. Then, in March 2000, the Paypal team merged with, an online banking company founded by Elon Musk now of Tesla fame. Elon Musk was replaced by Peter Thiel as CEO of, which was renamed PayPal in 2001 and went public in 2002.

PayPal’s IPO generated over $61 million. Shortly after PayPal’s IPO, the company was acquired by eBay on October 3, 2002, for $1.5 billion in stock, of which Musk received US$165 million. Before its sale, Musk, who was the company’s largest shareholder.

Using Paypal to bet on eSports games

PayPal in 2020 is one of most well-known and trusted e-wallets online. PayPal works as a third-party online money transfer system, and is one of the most sought after banking methods for eSports betting sites especially in the US and UK.

PayPal is seen as a premium payment solution. The gold standard if you like, alongside American Express (Amex). Paypal is a winner because is a very easy to use on mobile or desktop. What Paypal does is it allows you to send money back and forth quickly. Hence why Paypal with eBay works so well.

Guide to LoL Betting with PayPal

Paypal for eSports betting and gambling in general is niche but steadily growing amongst established sites. Where you are betting from matters with Paypal. If you bet on LOL or similar eSports games from the US or the UK there are more options available online.

You will find most LOL betting sites offer Skrill, Neteller or other e-wallets as primary payment methods. Top sites like Netbet accept PayPal deposits and withdrawals location depending.

There are more and more sites integrating PayPal as a payment method and we understand that betting on the first site you land on might not float your boat. This is where the tipsters guidance comes into fruition. Below you can find the list of all the sites that offer LOL betting with PayPal from the tipster.

LOL Betting With PayPal - Best eSports Betting Sites

If you search online for ’eSports betting sites with paypal’ you will find multiple different betting sites that offer betting on eSports with PayPal. A quick search from a Paypal friendly location will render 10 sites or more.

However, we only want to recommend certain sites that will provide the full package for your bets and overall, sites which will enable you to profit from CSGO and esports betting.

If you want to use PayPal as your banking method, then there are sports books and betting sites offering eSports, and betting on games such as LOL, who accept PayPal like NetBet.

Paypal Mobile For LOL Betting Online

PayPal mobile plays a large role in the eSports betting industry in the UK and United States, both on iOS and Android devices. Mobile eSports betting sites and apps increasingly support Paypal deposits and withdrawals.

Sites accepting Paypal bets have been trickling into the market over the past 5 years. Sites like NetBet are established on mobile. Play NetBet on Android app or via browser from iPhone or other mobile device.

Mobile betting on eSports is legal and PayPal is a safe and secure banking option for payments on the move.

League of Legends or LOL is the most popular games is terms of betting online using Paypal.

Bottom line - if you are planning to bet on eSports on mobile in the UK or USA or even further afield, then gambling with bookies which accept PayPal is the best option.

Can you trust Paypal with eSports gambling?

Paypal champions authority and trust. With more than 20 years as a third-party payment method, PayPal has emerged as an industry leader you can rely on. There is never any worry about any money being lost or account information being stolen.

Even though there are other e-wallet and banking options available in the industry, PayPal is the preferred option for punters. PayPal continues to be the payment brand sports book operators want to be associated with.

Why Bet On LOL With PayPal? Top Tips

PayPal is built like a German tank. It is safe and secure making it the perfect option for betting on LOL. There are quite a lot of benefits if you decide to fund your account with PayPal. There are several reasons for choosing PayPal, below you can find top tips and tricks from experienced gamblers.


PayPal is the fastest e-wallet on the market. It takes 15 to 20 seconds for every deposit to be processed. The option of depositing money via PayPal, but is great but withdrawing is also excellent. Take advantage of a quick payout with Paypal online. Paypal speeds may can vary from bookie to bookie and certain LOL betting sites do have small delay prior to pay out. Although usually with Paypal your deposit/withdrawal request is no more than a couple of hours.


Using PayPal online with an eSports betting site is very safe. With Paypal, your credit/debit card details are stored and encrypted by PayPal. So you don’t need enter card details when making deposits or withdrawals on bettings site or mobile apps.


After security, speed is the most important quality. Placing an esports bet with PayPal is fast and requires only a few clicks. You can bet on LOL, CSGO plus more games from mobile or PC in an instant. The processes are extremely fast when using PayPal, and the money can be transferred in minutes.


Before depositing funds into your eSports balance using Paypal, you will have a chance to review your payment when using Paypal which is helpful.


If you are new to LOL betting, you will probably have a hard time with a 2-step verification process with most credit cards. This is not the case with PayPal.


PayPal depositing is very popular for both sides. For the bookmaker, it has the advantage that he can offer his customers a safe and fast payment method. For you as a tipper, the positive point is that you can transfer the desired amount to your account with just one click. However, it is important that when looking for a bookmaker you don’t just look at which payment methods a bookmaker offers. You should look a lot more that the entire package is correct. It starts with the betting offer, continues with the odds and ends with the support. We therefore carried out a comparison of bookmakers with PayPal as a payment method and saw which criteria they also meet.

Paypal eSports Betting Limitations

Whilst the pros outweigh the cons, there are still some red flags to watch out for when using Paypal for eSports betting.


A big tip when using Paypal is that you will be restricted from using this e-wallet as a deposit or withdrawal method if your country does not allow it. You have been warned!

The main limitations of using Paypal for betting on eSports games like LOL is that using PayPal to deposit and withdraw is country dependant more than any other wallet. This means you might have issues depositing and withdrawing using Paypal and even logging on or signing up because it is highly country restricted.


The Paypal registration process is can be laboursome. For instance, you will have to wait for a couple of days once you connect your credit card to PayPal. Keep in mind that you will also have to provide PayPal staff with a code which can be found on a slip of your bank statement.


Keep in mind that every eSports betting site on this list will redirect you back to PayPal checkout where you will log in with your e-mail and password which is clumsy at times. This can be problematic, especially on mobile, but you will get used to having to switch between multiple tabs to satisfy Paypal’s security login.

Alternatives To Using Paypal To Bet on LOL

If you’re not ready to jump on the Paypal bandwagon, then there are plenty of other ways to deposit and collect winnings from LOL bets.


You can trust using credit and debit cards to place bets. All reputable LOL eSports betting sites will accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro. If you do deposit with your flexible friend, these payment methods will 99% of the time count towards your welcome bonus. Even with the arrival of Bitcoin it is clear that credit and debit card payments for gambling are here to stay.


Rival e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller offer convenience and a level of stability, having been used for online betting and casino for over a decade. Very often if you do deposit with Skrill and Neteller won’t get you the best bonus offers in town. Perhaps the best thing about Skrill and Neteller is that they are widely accepted and a top way to keep your betting budget separate from your bank account which in 2021 is optimal.


Despite the risks associated with Bitcoin betting, there have been a few LOL eSports betting websites that support Bitcoin. Arcanebet is a Bitcoin betting site which allows you to make deposits with cryptocurrency. Their license is from the Government of Curacao. Whilst not UKGC or MGA, they offer a relatively safe place bet on LOL and more eSports games too. Bitcoin deposits often do not qualify bonus offers and this is true for the Arcanebet bonus offer. But the future looks bright for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.


Some people use prepaid cards like Paysafe to bet on LOL. The good thing about prepaid cards is that they ensure your don’t go over your wagering limits.

PayPal LOL Betting Final Say

The very best games, like LOL, deserve the best payment methods. Paypal is a brilliant tool for eSports betting and gambling in general. All in all, PayPal is excellent for beginners and most pro gamblers look out for the Paypal logo and use it when they can. Every payment method has its drawbacks, but LOL betting with Paypal is a breath of fresh air. All in all f you can find an eSports betting site which accepts it from your country then overall definitely trumps most payment methods and is definitely better than LOL Skin Betting & Trading.