eSports has grown from niche player to worldwide heavyweight. The popularity of eSports has been accelerated by COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic played a key role in the expansion of eSports gaming and streaming on a global scale. Kids with time on their hands, learning in online classrooms from their bedrooms, and adults working from home combined with excessive lockdown periods, saw an online gaming increase which looks set to continue.

Today, eSports collaborations are hot currency for various brands from different industries. In 2022 the best tech, food and drink, and communication companies are all partnering with eSports brands in some shape or form highlighting the power of esports which has influence across various demographics.

Here is our article on the best esports partnerships in which we reveal the top 3 eSports partnerships for 2022 with details and information on what to expect.

1. Wild Rift eSports x Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was recently unveiled by Riot Games as the worldwide founding partner of League of Legends: Wild Rift esports circuit. The multi-year deal means that Coca-Cola will team up with the publisher to develop special fan experiences for the Wild Rift game as well as its eSports circuit.

Aside from creating value for the gaming community via various rewards and experiences, the collaboration also includes a weekly content series for Wild Rift gaming enthusiasts.

There are also plans for the debut Wild Rift Esports season, with regional tournaments acting as qualifiers for the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship planned this summer.

This is not the first collaboration between Coca-Cola and Riot Games. Veteran League of Legends fans will remember that Coca-Cola played a key role in launching one of the most popular eSports games in League of Legends. Famously, between 2014 and 2016, they teamed up for the League of Legends World Championship creating a wide array of collectible merchandise and customized viewing experiences.

What impact the soft drinks outfit have on Wild Rift esports remains to be seen, but will certainly be exciting. The partnership is due to span more than 100 countries including the 8 regional leagues which act as the foundation of the sport currently.

2. PSG eSports x Team New Age

PSG eSports, a subsidiary of French football giants Paris Saint-Germain, has collaborated with US esports organization Team New Age (TNA) to enter the Fortnite scene. Together, they have created a new Fortnite team known as PSG. TNA is expected to make its first appearance during the current Fortnite competitive season.

Comprised of Fortnite players from the US, LATAM and Oceania, the team will operate from a gaming house in Washington DC. PSG eSports formed only 5 years ago, making this a huge scoop for the esports outfit. This will be their first foray into the American territory and one of the world’s most popular games.

This is not the PSG eSports team’s first partnership with an established esports team. It has previously entered into several titles including Arena of Valor, LOL, and DOTA 2. Besides running an academy promoting ethical gaming and offering courses in various titles, PSG has launched an eSports studio in Paris dedicated to gaming and digital ventures.

Not many top football clubs have invested in eSports more than PSG. Therefore, expect PSG to deploy this partnership strategy as it continues to grow its eSports portfolio by venturing into other titles.

3. PUBG MOBILE x Sony Xperia

PUBG Corporation and Sony, the multinational conglomerate, have penned a deal that will see Sony’s Xperia range of smartphones being used during PUBG MOBILE tournaments beginning 2022. Sony will supply the latest Sony smartphones to teams and individual players battling it out on PUBG MOBILE.

Details on the Sony smartphone models to be used for PUBG MOBILE tournaments will be coming soon. Sony is synonymous with premium devices perfect for gaming and other areas such as video recording and HD monitors so expect the very best devices on the circuit from the Xperia range. No doubt PUBG MOBILE gamers will pull off better performances thanks to Sony.

The PUBG MOBILE eSports scene has already witnessed several changes in 2022. They include a revamped look for the PUBG MOBILE Pro League, new regions in the PUBG MOBILE Club Open, and restructures in the PUBG MOBILE National Championship. The aim of these changes is to assist smaller teams improve their status and increase the level of competitiveness in the Pro League.

It is a bit surprising to see PUBG partner with Sony. However, since collaborating with a popular esports league can lead to immense brand exposure, the partnership might be more valuable for Sony than for PUBG MOBILE.