Riot Games has officially confirmed the release date for the new game and has also announced the beta end date for Valorant.

Previously, Riot Games said the game will be released in the summer of 2020, but now we have an exact date. Valorant will be released on June 2 2020 and the beta version of the game will end on May 28 2020.

If you were lucky enough to get access to the now closed Valorant Beta game, you’ve already had a taste of the action. Throughout Valorant Beta we’ve seen players that will be masters when the game releases, as they understand the games core gameplay. It is important to keep in mind that all statistics and progress that has been made during the closed beta, will not carry on to the launch version.

When Riot Games released the initial Valorant trailer, it hinted that Valorant would fully release in Summer 2020. They did not specify the exact date but now we are super pleased to announce that from June 2 Valorant will be available across the world to gaming fans in all it’s glory.

For those new to Valorant, the game is a new FPS game that has been inspired by CS:GO and Overwatch. The new FPS game is made by Riot Games has already been a success in beta phase.

Riot announcement also brings details of new maps and game modes

Perhaps the best aspect of the Valorant release is that Riot is due to release a couple of new things to Valorant when the games launches in June. These are new game elements which the beta version lacks currently.

A new Valorant map is in the pipeline that will have a venetian theme. The name of the map is rumoured to be “Ascent”. Riot has already shown parts of the map through the Valorant official trailer. Check out the Valorant Ascent map layout below.

Along with a new Valorant map, Riot Games said that a new game mode is coming on June 2nd 2020 along with a potential new Valorant game character. With regards to the new game mode, this will probably be a death match mode (the Valorant community has been requesting a death match since the beta release), but nothing has been confirmed yet so we will have to wait and see what the June launch brings.

New characters are always welcome, but there hasn’t been a lot of information about the new Valorant character. Although, the game could do with another healing character, as there is only one healing character in the game current form.

New game servers are scheduled to operate in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw, among other cities. These new servers should reduce player latency and provide a fair gaming experience for everyone competing in Valorant online this summer and beyond.

On the whole, we’re set for some exciting times for eSports in the UK and across the globe. With the June release of Riot Games’ new tactical FPS, we’ll have some competition in the FPS scene and no doubt welcome a new wave of highly skilled FPS players.


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