Former CS:GO pro & current Mixer streamer Shroud thinks new game Valorant isn’t ready for release

Former CS:GO pro, current Mixer streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek shared his opinion on Valorant’s June release. He thinks the game isn’t ready to be released just yet which isn’t great news.

New game Valorant is one of the most anticipated FPS games of the year, and has found success in its now closed beta phase.

On May 20, Riot Games announced that the game would see its official release on June 2nd 2020. Most fans of the new game are excited about it, but some think the game still needs to be optimised by the games developers before general release.

Shroud thinks Valorant isn’t ready for release in June, and that the June release will only happen because Riot Games is putting pressure on the games developers to get it finished and to market in the first half of 2020. Shroud talked about it in his stream and you can watch the recorded clip here.

- Valorant is not ready he states adamantly. I don’t understand what they’re (Riot Games) really thinking. I feel like game developers are under pressure from Riot Games. And the game developers will surely think that “damn, we’re not ready, but still trying our best”.

Shroud thinks there’s still a lot to fix in terms of the gameplay, but he didn’t completely rule out the possibility that it would fixed and ready to go by the time it was released on June 2nd 2020 which gives Valorant fans a glimer of hope.

It is possible that they will fix every single thing by the time Valorant released in June. One thing is for sure - the game is really close to being finished and it looks fantastic.