The AS Roma eSports collaboration with Fnatic is trending. eSports elite Fnatic has partnered with Italian football club AS Roma to create FIFA esports team ‘Roma’. The move is Italian giants Roma’s first entry into the esports industry and by entering the FIFA scene, they have followed the path of other football teams, such as PSG, Valencia, Schalke 04, Wolfsburg, Manchester City, and West Ham United football club.

The list of world class football clubs gambling on electronic sports has been growing for months. For the uninitiated, AS Roma is one of the most popular soccer clubs in Europe and worldwide, and this new esports path is in the hands of Fnatic with an e-gaming team focused on the FIFA football title.

AS Roma enters eSports in collaboration with Fnatic

Interest in FIFA competitions has increased in recent times, we only have to see the creation of the VFO in Spain which is a virtual football organisation in which many football clubs participate. The esports game FIFA is an excellent choice because it is known by those less accustomed to eSports competitions since it is the videogame title known by the majority of the general public and fits in with Roma and betting well.

Three players are chosen for this new project that will be managed by Fnatic, which will also offer all training facilities to esports players. The three esports players are:

Aman ‘Aman’ Seddiqi: 22 years and considered one of the best players in North America.

Sam ‘Poacher’ Carmody: English, 17 years old, and FIFA top gamer at the eSports World Convention.

Nicolo ‘Insa’ Mirra: Italian, 21, has won more tournaments in the last three years than any other Italian player.

As one of the most digitally connected teams, we have managed to create a new connection with our fans through digital media. This agreement will allow us to start building a strong legacy in esports and engage with our fans in a new and exciting way. - AS Roma president Jim Pallotta.

Aman will make his debut with AS Roma at the FUT Championship Series in Miami, taking place on the 19th of February. Roma become one of several football clubs entering the esports scene, we bet most Serie A football teams will be next in the virtual world of esports soon.