Epic Games has clearly begun to invest in in-game events during the coronavirus pandemic. In a thrilling development for both cinema and gaming enthusiasts, it has been announced that a full-length film by renowned director Christopher Nolan will be screened at Fortnite this summer. This unexpected partnership has created a lot of interest in both industries since it marks a risky new development in how movies are presented and enjoyed. This blog article will go through what is currently known about the project, its possible effects, and what it might mean for the future of gaming and movies.

In late April, Yankee rapper Travis Scott performed in Fortnite. The performance broke the player record with a staggering 12.3 million simultaneous players. Previously, DJ producer Marhsmello has also performed in the Fortnite game. Now it looks like Epic Games is going to start showing movies to its players too!

A few days ago, the game’s Party Royale game format featured a trailer for the latest film from Christopher Nolan, director of Interstellar and The Dark Knight trilogy.


In connection with the trailer’s screening, it was also announced that one of Nolan’s iconic films will be shown in full length inside Fortnite. The Nolan film within Fortnite is due to be shown in summer 2020. It is not yet known which film it is, but many speculate that it will be one of the films in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Epic Games has collaborated with DC Comics in the past, and the game features Batman and the Cat skins making a Dark Knight movie sounds like a really good guess.