9INE has achieved great success in a short amount of time, becoming an integral part of the European CSGO community. The team recently won the ESL Challenger League Season 42: Europe, solidifying their position in the CSGO scene. Currently ranked 37th in the world, 9INE has also reached the top spot in Poland and 21st in Europe. The team’s success has attracted sponsorship from 22Bet, a leading online bookmaker that values transparency and responsible gaming.

The partnership between 9INE and 22Bet is a prime example of how CSGO teams and online bookmakers can work together towards a common goal. 9INE aims to use this collaboration to elevate their status and qualify for more prestigious events like the ESL Pro League Conference Season 17, scheduled to take place in Malta in late February 2023. In return, 9INE will help 22Bet reach their audience through digital marketing efforts, including content creation for social media and streaming platforms.

Overall, this partnership is expected to be mutually beneficial, creating a better future for both organizations as well as their fans and players. With 9INE’s impressive track record and 22Bet’s commitment to transparency and responsible gaming, this collaboration is poised for success.