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Twitch is the most popular platform for streaming esports live, with an estimated amount of over 2 billion minutes watched this year so far. Twitch is the leading live streaming video service for video games in the US, and previously defeated YouTube Gaming, which shut down its standalone app. Acquired by Amazon in 2014, Twitch offers a large variety of esports titles to choose from, including CSGO, League of Legends, and more recently Fortnite which today often claims top viewing spots. Twitch is developed to be a platform for content, including esports tournaments, including personal streams of individual players. Twitch streamers can choose to watch professionally hosted matches and tournaments, You can even follow your favorite gamers practicing for an upcoming tournament or playing a casual match from home, viewing their experiences in the same way as you would on Instagram. Twitch also offers chat rooms where you can talk to other viewers while watching a live stream. On September 20, 2022, Twitch announced that it would prohibit online gambling streams, including cryptocurrency gambling, although the ban does not affect sports betting or fantasy sports.

Facebook (Meta) and Amazon are locked in a fierce streaming battle. The rivalry between the two tech heavyweights has been made even more notorious after the exit of YouTube Gaming from the esports streaming market. Facebook was initially very proactive in streaming versus its competitors, securing tournament deals and making agreements with the ESL to obtain exclusivity right on games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2. Facebook famously utilized the Facebook “follow” system with a dedicated section to swipe to view tournaments and gameplay directly in your feed. With Meta testing new services and killing off old ones, Meta announced that Facebook Gaming App would not continue. The Facebook gaming team advises that the Facebook App now offers a variety of gaming-specific features and products making Facebook Gaming redundant as a stand-alone app. Meta is now testing a new live-streaming platform called “Super” which is currently being built by Meta’s New Product Experimentation team. Super allows influencers to host live streams, engage with viewers and earn revenue. The new Super platform, will have similar functionality to Twitch so watch this space.

Find the best site for you

This is often overlooked by beginners. The internet is full of gambling sites offering the easiest and most profitable way to bet on eSports via mobile or desktop. Most online betting sites today are reputable, but it is important to weigh up your options before signing up and certainly before placing any bets. With the help of our expert writers, there is plenty of information available to guide new players through the online betting process. Read site reviews, testimonials, and rankings within a variety of easy-to-find resources. Look for specialist eSports sites and the bigger bookmakers offering eSports odds. Sites publishing eSports team and player stats get the nod.


One of the main advantages of signing up for an online betting site is the ongoing bonuses tailored to your eSports betting needs. As the value of eSports bets increases eSports is being taken more seriously. Our trusted sites offer a variety of registration and loyalty rewards, usually made available immediately after registration. Getting instant returns will increase the size of your betting wallet, giving you more options to explore new events. Whilst betting on eSports games and teams, be on the lookout for weekly to monthly offers and customer loyalty points which equal bonuses.


eSports betting is about taking calculated risks. Sure, you can take big risks and bet on long shots but only once you have established yourself and feel confident taking punts with a big bankroll. Your payout is determined by the chances your selection has of winning. Take advantage of good odds on players, teams and outcomes by doing your own research. Try to determine the real odds of a team winning by analyzing the big picture. Odds fluctuate and you can often find value in eSports tournaments no matter who is playing. Remember you can increase your winning streak when betting online by placing small bets, generally no more than 5% of your overall bankroll.


Research the game and players before placing a bet on a match and/or tournament. Evaluate which competitors are likely to perform well. The fact is that some players are more likely to play well and have an advantage during the game so you need to predict which player might have the edge on the day and decide the match. Make predictions based on relevant stats which you can find online. Remember, any form of sports betting is risky and bookmakers will seize the opportunity to take advantage of your lack of eSports knowledge in a heartbeat, just as with boxing or tennis gamblers. Understand the game, the players, and their form. Research performance metrics, histories, and league data which will help to guide you in the right direction when betting online. Follow current managers and keep an eye on the odds which are prone to odds fluctuation. The bottom line is; Never bet unless you are familiar with the game and the players.


By doing your homework and studying the form with the correct mindset you will be giving yourself a head start. All you need then is to keep on top of your bankroll and it’s time to give yourself an unfair advantage! Only amateurs skip this final step and it leads to rookie mistakes and lackluster results. By studying eSports fixtures in detail and treating your betting like a business you are lining yourself up for maximum profits. So, do your homework on each bet you make. Look at new eSports stats, and current trends, test betting systems, analyze games and give yourself the edge over fellow punters and most importantly the bookie.





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