You’ve come to the right place for information about esports betting in 2023 and beyond. Our simple guide covers everything you need to know about betting on popular esports games like CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft II and FIFA. Despite the fast growth of the esports industry, many gamers streaming esports are still unfamiliar with what esports betting is at the core. However, by following our tips, you can have fun placing bets on your favorite games online on PC and Apps for Android/Apple devices and turn our betting advice into healthy winnings.

Every online esports betting site listed below will, at first look list their ‘quick’ glance facts in keynote form, along with their current sign up bonus and significant bonus terms. If you want to read the entire esports betting site review we’ve put together about that esports gambling offering, simply click on the ‘read review’ icon to be taken to the dedicated review section. You’ll then be able to read everything you need and should know about the esports betting site on PC or mobile before you sign up. Below is a complete list of all the esports betting sites that we’ve reviewed. Have a browse - compare game titles, bonuses and, if you want to find out more information about a particular esports site to get your betting fix, click the “read review” section before you gamble. Happy browsing!

One of the main goals of our eSports Tipster website is to make your life easy by providing accurate and factual online esports betting site reviews with a focus on real money gambling on popular esports game titles. Our website makes it easy for you to find safe, legal and regulated online esports betting sites that are geared toward real money gambling. By picking our recommended esports betting sites below, you can play and gamble with confidence knowing that wherever you sign up, you’re going to have a safe yet entertaining esports gambling experience.

On this page, you’ll find our top list of esports betting site reviews, all in one place, curated by our team because they understand what computer gaming gamblers want from an online esports betting operator. We keep our esports betting recommendations varied in the hope they appeal to all types of players.

We understand esports punters are savvy and want the best new products online. At the same time, we know everyone looks for something different. We’re 100% confident you’ll find a suitable and trusted esports betting site listed no matter if you’re from Asia, Europe, or the US.

eSports betting explained for gamblers new and old

If you’re new to the world of eSports betting sites or are looking to improve your skills, eSports Tipster is dedicated to providing you with the latest tips and insights to help you achieve your goals. As with many trends in the world of online entertainment, the surge in popularity of eSports and eSports betting appears to be the next big thing following the craze for poker and online casino slots.

In our view, there has never been a better moment to engage with eSports betting. We are committed to assisting you in discovering the most exciting eSports games and tournaments to bet on from around the world, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in the exciting world of eSports betting.

Why betting guides in 2023?

A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of guides and resources dedicated to the ever-growing world of esports betting. With millions of viewers and real money bets being placed on esports tournaments daily, it’s no surprise that these events are being studied given that now being streamed live on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube by millions of fans.

Most betting sites also offer in-game clients, allowing players to watch their favorite matches as they place bets on PC or mobile device. Much like traditional sports such as football and tennis, betting on esports adds an extra layer of excitement to watching games live or through streaming services. Fans of esports join Discord betting servers and follow betting sites in order to place bets on matches which enhances the overall viewing experience.

Popular esports game titles like League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike GO (CS:GO), Starcraft 2, DOTA 2, FIFA, and Rocket League are very much household names, and betting on these games has become a full-time career for many esports fans worldwide who have a passion for the sport.

The best betting site can be subjective

There is a massive amount of esports betting sites online, where you can put money on almost anything. However, there are quite a few websites that focus mainly on esports betting. Most big and well-known brands offer a decent selection of game titles and odds on esports, but they are rarely the very best betting sites for placing bets on games. The selection, which is one of the most important aspects of choosing a betting site, can vary a lot. In fact, it can even be hard to sometimes know which games a betting website cover.

Some betting sites don’t even show their full selection of esports games, they just show the games that have ongoing events. So this is where we come into the picture, as we give you tips and ideas on how to choose a betting site that offers exactly what you are looking for.

18+ at all betting sites

You have to be at least 18 years old to bet online in most countries. Make sure to check the laws regarding age limit for gambling in your country, before signing up at a betting site.

Country legalities

Online gambling is illegal in some countries around the world. Make sure to check the online gambling laws in your country before you register and open an account at any betting site.

Bet responsibly

Remember that gambling can become very addictive. Visit the website of the gambling addiction help organization in your country or contact your local authorities for more information and help.

Your choice of betting site or app is important

The most important thing to do when choosing the right website is research. There are so many esports betting sites available that make it hard to find the right one for you. Ask like-minded friends or simply start searching online. Not all esports betting sites are the same and they will not offer the same betting options. It is also important to keep in mind that the odds they offer can differ quite a lot which will affect your profit.

Once you have chosen your preferred betting site, you will need to register and open an account. This is often a simple process where you just need to fill out a form with your personal details. Remember to read the terms and conditions before you sign up at the betting site.

Easy betting products for beginners

These betting sites are very simple, clean, straight forward and easy to understand, and they cover the biggest games for esports betting. They might not offer the biggest selection of esports games and odds markets, but they are great for a beginner that wants to learn esports betting.

More advanced betting applications

For more experienced bettors, we recommend more comprehensive and advanced betting sites. These sites can easily become overwhelming for someone that never placed bets on esports. But with that being said, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for a beginner to understand and use these sites.

Why bet on eSports?

Betting has been the backbone of human cultures globally for a long time. It’s a popular leisure activity that transcends all boundaries. The competitive aspect of betting is ingrained in all gamers whether we like it or not.

Sports betting online has seen a steady rise since the late 90s, thanks to the ease of placing bets on sporting events using computers. Nowadays, betting via desktop, mobile, or tablet has become the norm. Recently, the top esports betting sites have improved their mobile and tablet offerings, such as BetWay, allowing for on-the-go betting at work, events, or while traveling on London’s new Crossrail using wifi or with 4G data from the Great Wall of China!

Online sports betting has been around for decades, but the pace has quickened and it continues to evolve to entertain the next generation. There are many new betting sites emerging, and established ones are working to stay ahead of the curve by offering esports verticals. This has resulted in the leading online esports betting sites becoming cleaner, faster, and stronger, ultimately providing a better experience for gamers and gaming fans.

In the past, people who enjoyed betting had limited options, such as placing bets over the phone, in a physical betting shop, or with bookmakers at horse racing events. However, the trend in the esports betting industry is moving towards online esports betting sites, which offer a comprehensive experience in one place.

Improved online security for users is a major factor driving the growth of esports betting. Not everyone who bets on esports with real money uses online transactions, as some may have concerns about security. However, with government regulations, licenses, and guidelines in place, online betting has become a safe and secure option. In 2020, there is no need to be cautious when betting on games like League of Legends and DOTA 2, which can be watched on popular streaming sites like Twitch. Don’t miss out on the action!

1. Security Levels

Despite common misconceptions, today’s online esports betting world is very well regulated and ‘rogue’ operators in an increasingly regulated landscape are fading fast. Gamblers placing bets on eSports do so because betting on eSports is not like throwing money at slots. With esports betting, there is a level of skill involved when it comes to placing bets. A general understanding about eSports dynamics – games, maps, teams, and players is a must to bet money and win.

It is human nature to be nervous about losing money when placing big bets. Although concerns regarding site security really do not hold much water with where the industry finds itself today. esports betting sites are under constant pressure to conform with the latest guidelines regarding payment withdrawal times, where your money is held. Even things like scope of knowledge base articles and constant KYC updates per market are in place. If a site fails to meet regulatory requirements then the relevant gambling commission will deal a heavy blow to the relevant betting site. Usually this involves a full probe and investigation. One example is the case against who after a very public drag through the dirt ended up losing their licence.

Unlike, thankfully the majority of online betting sites are run by well-known established and often stock listed companies. Certainly those cream of the crop eSports betting sites that we are interested in go out of their way to make eSports betting extremely safe and very easy. Companies such as Betway and Pinnacle are reputable operations that can definitely be trusted, so there’s no reason to worry about whether your funds are safe or whether you will be paid out any winnings. It’s true that there are a few sites on the web that are a bit shady, but if you avoid them just as all horse racing punters avoid those dodgy looking cash money bookmakers race meetings you’ll be just fine!

2. Live or In Play eSports Betting

Even more opportunities are available thanks to a relatively recent online betting development which has taken eSports and traditional betting by storm: in play betting. Also known as live betting; this is where you can place wagers on sporting events that have already started. This gives you a huge advantage, because you can actually watch an event live and get a feel for how things are going before deciding where to bang your money down. Trust us, the potential live betting opportunities with eSports are huge. You can read more about live / in-play eSports betting here.

3. Full spectrum of eSports Betting Wagers

eSports Betting online throws up a range of wagers, some betting opportunities are game-specific and some of which are more general such as backing a match winner. The great thing is that they are all there, easily accessible, in one place. Our trusted eSports betting sites cover all the major eSports events and increasingly most of the smaller niche ones too, as well as football, tennis, and golf. You name it – with our trusted betting sites you can gamble on pretty much every sporting event you could possibly want to!! Place a bet on DOTA 2 and then on the Super Bowl! Offering a wide variety of different wagers on online betting sites makes it much easier for you to games and events to have fun making money on. Once you decide that esports betting is what you want to get into, you will find different types such as:

  • Overall match winner
  • First blood
  • First Team to get ten kills
  • Most kills
  • Total kills scored
  • Team to destroy the first tower
  • Team to kill the first dragon

4. Enhanced eSports Odds

Every eSports average Joe punter or eSports betting guru knows the importance of getting a good deal. By this we mean decent eSports odds. You’ll find that, on average, the eSports odds available online are that much better than anywhere you will find offline. Online traders naturally are on the pulse, as you would expect. Good, fast odds means that you will get more money when you win! Anything which makes us more money in our opinion is a good thing!

If you are really committed gaining and edge, getting a significant advantage and getting the best possible value for your money then one of our top tips is to open accounts at a number of our trusted eSports betting sites. You can then compare the odds and bonus offers every time by doing a bit of whizzing about with your browsers (and most likely LastPass) every you place a bet. What you will find is that the odds do tend to fluctuate from one betting site to another very quickly depending on the event and how much time there is to go till it starts. What we find is that some betting sites might be particularly competitive for certain events and bonuses but not so great for others. Signing up multiple accounts across various eSports betting sites can be a little bit time-consuming, but a little time spent will help you get your lions share in the long run.

5. eSports Betting Bonuses tailored for you

Numerous eSports betting websites are available online, and they all have one goal in common - to attract you as a customer. Whether it’s the CMOs, country managers, regional managers, or acquisition managers, they all utilize the age-old trick of offering enticing bonuses to encourage you to sign up with them.

However, with so many sites vying for your attention and offering such attractive welcome bonuses, savvy players can take advantage of the competition and reap the benefits of multiple bonus offers.

One of the most significant advantages of online casual betting today is the convenience it offers. Unlike in the past, when you had to visit a physical betting shop, now you can take advantage of numerous bonus offers with just the click of a button from the comfort of your own home using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. In fact, most welcome bonus offers are automatically credited to your account upon signing up and making your first deposit, making it easier than ever to start your eSports betting journey.

In addition to offering bonuses to attract new customers most eSports betting sites have the bonus mechanisms in place to reward their regular customers too. There are a number of different ways in which they do this: such as free bets on big eSports events, additional bonuses, special promotions and cross promotions, even VIP trips and contests. Ongoing bonus offers are often straight to your inbox via email or SMS so be sure to register with your correct details and verify any verification request emails you receive on signing up to your various eSports betting sites.

6. Fast sign up and betting functionality

Don’t let worries about the difficulty or time consumption of online betting hold you back. All of our betting sites are user-friendly and easily navigable. In fact, even with just a few simple instructions, even our grandmothers can place an eSports bet on both mobile and desktop platforms. With one click on one of our sites, you can expect to place a bet in just a matter of minutes, even on your mobile device, depending on the operator and payment methods used.

Getting started with online betting on eSports is simple. All you have to do is open an account, which only requires basic information like your name, email, and password, and deposit funds through options like Bank Wire or Skrill. The sign-up process has been streamlined over the years and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

With funds added to your account, you’re ready to start placing bets on your favorite games and tournaments with just a few clicks. Our eSports betting sites make it easy and convenient to wager at any time, day or night, by simply logging into your account. And with the majority of sites offering optimized versions of their sports book software for mobile devices, you can access and manage your betting account from your smartphone or tablet, even via a dedicated app available on the app store. So, get ready to experience the excitement of online betting on eSports made easy!

6. Welcome Bonuses

Most esports betting sites offer a welcome bonus for new users, which means that you can deposit a certain amount of money and they will match it or maybe even double it. Essentially you are getting ‘free’ money with which you can place bets. It is important to be aware of the terms and conditions surrounding this bonus though as most websites will include a minimum wagering requirement based on the amount of bonus money, they give you. It is this bonus amount you must wager a certain amount of times before being able to withdraw any winnings.

Players from certain markets, such as the UK or Canada, can expect welcome bonuses from bookies, with the exception of Pinnacle who have a slightly different approach. All of our authorized eSports betting sites give sign-up bonuses to new customers. We hope you agree that they are a great incentive for joining the party. Bonuses do tend to have terms and conditions attached to them, which generally means you’ll usually have to deposit a certain amount, and then place at least a few wagers before you’ll be able to withdraw. However, if you are keen to get going with your betting anyway, then they clearly provide some excellent added value.

Terms and conditions apply

All esports betting sites have rules, terms and conditions for betting and their bonuses so make sure that you read them carefully before you start using any bonuses or place any bets. Mind the wagering requirements that you might get if you accumulate winnings from your bonuses. A common wagering requirement is for example 8 times the bonus amount, which means that you must wager the bonus eight times before you can withdraw any bonus money and/or winnings.

Example of bonus terms

Bonus amount: 100
Wagering requirement: 3x the bonus amount
Wagering: 300
Min odds: 1.70
Max bet amount: 5

This means that you must place 60 bets for 5 each on odds 1.70 or above.

It might sound like a lot but keep in mind that this is free money that you can potentially get winnings from. So, if you have done your homework and placed some good bets, you could potentially withdraw quite a bit of money from your account if you play your cards right!

Read all the betting site terms & conditions

Apart from wagering requirements, there are often more terms and conditions that need to be followed, to qualify for a bonus. These are often related to minimum deposit limits, transaction methods, time limits for use of the bonus and to reach the wagering requirements, and more.

Remember that not all bonuses are great, some can even be worthless because of the terms and conditions.

eSports Betting Summary: Our final thoughts

We hope our eSports Tipster eSports betting overview page exceeded expectations! Bookmark this section, so you can learn more about all the available eSports bookmakers online on a global scale as and when needed. We endeavor to help you find out what is hot and what is not for PC and mobile in a few clicks.

A key part of the success of eSports betting has been having information about all the available eSports betting sites and apps together with what they offer gamblers. We understand that today gamblers betting on eSports expect more information than just simply details about the specific game title they are betting on and the odds on offer via each site or mobile app.

Keep one eye on this review page, upon which you will find a summary of the most popular eSports betting sites complete with an obligatory top list which we update daily. Needless to say, you’ll find important information about where you can find the best odds and the widest variety of games you can bet on but we’ll guide you through a whole lot more too.

If you’re feeling hesitant about trying online eSports betting, it’s completely understandable. After all, entrusting your money to a third party can be nerve-wracking. But, as we’ve highlighted, the advantages of this form of betting make it worth giving it a shot. We’re confident that you’ll have a great time and come back for more.

To ensure that you only encounter reputable eSports betting sites, sign up through our endorsed sites. Each of our recommended sites has been thoroughly vetted by our team and we’ve conducted multiple account tests to guarantee their quality. We will never promote a site that we don’t believe is trustworthy. If there are any changes during our testing, we’ll be the first to let you know.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love hearing about your experiences in the industry and are always happy to help. Our goal is to respond to your inquiries within 48 hours.

We asked Experts About eSports Betting Online:

“In December 2014, we accepted our 1 millionth eSports bet. eSports level of volume traded has pretty much doubled each year since we began dealing it, and is actually now more popular with our bettors than traditional sports like golf or rugby…eSports is poised to make a jump from a niche market into the mainstream” - Ali Lalani, Head of Marketing at Pinnacle Sports.

“We started offering eSports betting as an experiment, but it has expanded in popularity way beyond our expectations” “We are very proud of hitting the one millionth bet milestone, but from what we have seen, we think this really is only the tip of the iceberg” - Ali Lalani, Head of Marketing at Pinnacle Sports.

“We added eSports betting earlier this year because it is currently the fastest growing participation sport in the world. It is well-liked in our Asian European target market. Since eSports players are now officially recognized as athletes, it is now another sport to bet on. With millions of fans filling out arenas, celebrity endorsements and evolution of technology is only going to get bigger and bigger” -Stephanie Wynters, Head of Affiliation at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you bet on eSports?Today football allows you to bet on anything. Which player throws the first throw in? Who gets the first yellow card? Who gets the first red card? How many minutes of injury time will be played? Which team wins overall? eSports presents fewer betting opportunities. Why? This to prevent possible fraud according to bookmakers. However, you can bet on profit or loss or by how many points difference the teams finish the match. It is smart to bet on important leagues, because that means a lot will be bet on it and a lot of money can be won. More and more betting offices are convinced of the reliability of the E-sports market and offer betting opportunities. Some well-known bookmakers where you can bet on E-sports are NetBet, Betway, Dafabet, Tipbet and Pinnacle. Be aware of the dangers of eSports.
What can you bet on with esports wagers?Today football allows you to bet on anything. Which player throws the first throw in? Who gets the first yellow card? Who gets the first red card? How many minutes of injury time will be played? Which team wins overall? eSports presents fewer betting opportunities to prevent possible fraud according to bookmakers, although there are still multiple betting opportunities especially with the major esports tournament events. You can bet on profit or loss or by how many points difference the teams finish the match. It is smart to bet on important matches because that means there will be a lot of interest, a lot of people will be bet and a lot of money can be won. More and more betting sites are convinced by the reliability of the esports market and offer betting on CSGO and LOL with a view to the future. Some of the well-known bookmakers where you can bet on esports include Betway, Netbet, and Casumo. It pays to be aware of the dangers of eSports betting before you gamble.
Where can I bet on eSports online in 2022?As eSports grows, so too do the number of online betting sites offering eSports betting. The majority of established betting sites are slowly starting to add eSports betting to their rooster. Nine times out of ten the best way to search for eSports and view the bonus and odds available is by going to one of our trusted eSports betting sites and then by going into the sports book product tab and scrolling down the sports until you find eSports tab (usually half way down on the left). Sometimes you will find eSports is a separate product next to casino, sports book, poker and bingo. This is true for example at Betway and NetBet. This demonstrates just how far eSports has come and that it is being taken seriously. As with traditional sports, such as football and tennis, it is simple to find a bonus and start eSports betting online.
How does eSports Tipster work?What we look for when we list our best eSports betting sites is that they attach great importance to your overall gaming experience. To get our attention is it important an eSports betting site offers fast & reliable payment transactions (that is input/output of your chosen currency), an excellent standard of support, and finally that they have an excellent overall reputation. By reputation what we mean is that the eSports betting site has stood and in our opinion will stand the test of time. What we do is weigh up the pros and cons of each eSports betting site for you and also aim to keep things funky and fresh by throwing in our collective online gambling industry knowledge plus eSports industry insider tips! Our mission is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to eSports betting. Our best eSports betting site lists will rate each eSports betting site based on its features including; Overall Reputation, Bonus Options, Customer Support Service, Odds, Software, Products, Bonus Wagering Requirements & VIP/Loyalty Program offerings to name a few.
What about Twitch and eSports betting?Streaming and services such as Twitch (formerly have really driven eSports traffic. Upon launch, in June 2011, the core focus of Twitch was video games, promotion, broadcasting of eSports tournaments, and the creation of unique content related to eSports gaming. Arguably Twitch has played a massive hand in driving eSports to where it is at today. All gaming fans will know that Twitch is the best place for following esports action online. Ever since Twitch's streaming channel went online it has helped fans of esports understand how the best gamers turn a fun hobby into a profit landing a full-time career in the process. The main popularity of Twitch is due to the fact that it offers a great user interface for its members and visitors. In October 2013, Twitch had 45 million unique visitors and by February 2014, it became the fourth largest source of internet traffic in the United States. On December 9, 2014, Twitch announced it had acquired GoodGame Agency, an organization that owns the esports teams Evil Geniuses and Alliance. In 2015, Twitch announced it had more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million visitors per month. Twitch is a top place to gain key insight into your in-play esports betting with real money bets. Whilst most gamers can probably get a rough idea of what’s going on in an esports match from scores and live statistics, you can't beat seeing see what’s actually happening in games in real-time via streams and using that information to place an live bet with the latest data.