Early online sportsbooks offered limited odds on sports. Software developers were few and far between. Very few sports fixtures were on offer for gamblers and esports gambling didn’t even exist! But we have come a long way since the legacy sports betting brands, although many still operate in some guise. Today, the number of sports software providers available at top online betting sites is vast, and the experience of choosing which one to partner with both from a brand and gambler’s point of view is much more advanced than it used to be.

Recent Statista data valued the global esports market at around $178 billion in 2021 — an almost 50% increase on 2020. esports growth has doubled quickly, opening up the path for betting sites to offer esports in one way or another. The global video gaming market is forecast to be worth $240.3 billion in 2024. This surpasses box office revenue in 2021 ($21.3 billion) by over 10 times. Over 577 million people worldwide are expected to be watching esports by 2024.

Savvy esports software providers are positioned to benefit From the global booming demand for online sports wagering on PC and smartphone devices. For both operators and players, there’s a lot to grasp about the many different software companies providing their esports services, odds on esports to bonuses and support. Just as one should keep an open mind when choosing an esports betting site operator, it is a good idea to do your homework on the innovative eSports betting software solutions powering the site. This guide to sports, or esports software providers for the benefit of our readers, will cover it all to help you widen your gambling knowledge and authority on betting games such as CSGO, LOL, DOTA 2, and Valorant. Bookmark this page, to help you find the best odds and overall betting experience when gambling on esports with real money.

The Difference Between a Betting site Operator & Software Provider

If you’re looking to place bets on esports fixtures, it’s essential to understand the foundations of esports gambling on esports betting sites or Apps for mobile and tablets. We mean the difference between a sports operator and a sports software provider which is the company behind the scenes developing the sports product. When you sign up and deposit with an esports betting operator, they are not usually the company that will have made the sportsbook product or calculated the odds they offer. This part comes down to the sports software provider. Most operators enter partnerships with sportsbook software providers, so they have a proven betting product to offer their customers.

Whilst partnerships and agreements vary from site to site, as mentioned, it’s not uncommon to switch software providers when the deal turns sour and/or a different software provider offers something new. Software provider competition is good because it usually offers an eclectic range of esports betting opportunities designed for all types of players. In rarer cases, some gambling operators develop their own software for their betting site or app, known as proprietary software, but most, especially new brands, use third-party providers, rather than develop in-house.

About betting software providers or developers

When you place bets on esports with certain bookmakers and their betting products which are either web applications or mobile Apps, you are often using sophisticated betting software made by highly experienced gaming developers in the process. Several operators work in collaboration with software providers in order to provide first-class betting services to sportsbook customers, especially features such as In-Play esports betting.

Easily overlooked to the untrained eye, a top software platform can greatly influence user experiences, especially with regard to esports gambling on online esports betting sites. Innovative casino software suppliers might be household names in the gambling industry. But alongside these, you’ll find EGR award-winning betting software providers beavering away developing high-end gambling experiences for sportsbook punters who join their online bookies.

Today’s online slots and bingo software suppliers might garner all the attention but betting software providers are interesting and have a lot going on under the hood which is of great benefit to gamblers who enjoy a bet or two. As you continue this page, eSports Tipster provides insight into some of the hallmarks of the top-level betting software providers, all of which offer esports in their product range.

Top Sports Software Providers eSports Ready

Sports software providers play vital roles under the skin of online esports sites. For esports sites to keep fresh they must offer betting on the latest and greatest products. Think multiple game titles with numerous betting opportunities, tournament streaming, In-Play betting plus top esports bonus products, and in order to accomplish this, they demand the best sports software providers with esports very much at the forefront of their vision.

For esports gamblers, one of the best parts of playing at the best esports operators and new esports betting sites today is the choices they over and ongoing product development. A key part of being a great software provider is to bring something different and unique to the development table. Some software providers may offer the latest game titles alongside boasting distinct USPs such as streaming services, new payment methods, and market-leading bonus features. Some may offer bespoke solutions, enhanced reporting, and content for affiliate partners.

It goes without saying that the best esports software companies never standstill. Take Playtech, for example; they have long been considered the pioneers of real money gaming online. Playtech consistently creates innovations and new concepts to give gamblers “wow factor” gameplay and gambling experiences on all devices. There’s always a new functionality on the horizon that consistently delivers hand over fist, time and time again.

eSports software providers don’t have the be the most extensive or established because esports betting products are new and you’ll often find newer, smaller development studios coming up trump with simple software products which are lean and designed for esports at the core. They may offer fewer games and operate in fewer markets, but their product will be unique and categorically stand out from the crowd.

EBET, a leading global provider of advanced esports wagering products and technology, is a great example of this. Although, at the end of the day, gambling software providers can only do so much. To enjoy the best esports betting experience, you need to be signed up and playing at the best online esports betting sites to enjoy placing esports bets with real money via online software.

List of Top eSports Software Companies

Whilst we haven’t listed them all, we have listed a few of the top best esports software providers right in list form. Keep in mind that if you play at a site that’s part of a group network of sites, the chances are you will find the same software provider available at each site. Usually, it’s the larger gaming companies such as Flutter Entertainment and CO Gaming launching new sites. The industry term for these related sites is “esports sister sites”. Strong and stable companies such as those we mentioned above have been around for years and know what it takes to offer a winning esports gambling experience. Most likely the site’s brand will be more or less a clone with a new skin. Below you’ll find the top 3 best eSports betting software providers as well as useful tips and considerations to be mindful of when looking for the right option for placing esports bets online gambling with real money.


Playtech is one of the founding fathers of igaming software solutions for gambling together with Microgaming. As you would expect, Playtech eSports betting solutions have a top range of esports games to bet on from titles such as DOTA 2 to FIFA. Playtech is renowned for creating the richest gambling experience possible. Playtech’s software provides sites with a tailored user interface for the offering of bets on eSports events, player account integration, transaction handling, and associated management.

Playtech offers a comprehensive range of esports betting markets with low hardware setup costs, which is ideal for start-ups, and the solution is available across all channels including online, mobile, and retail too for sites wishing to brand out.

Featuring localized language and commentary options, with statistics available for the team, player, and across all esports fixtures, Playtech offers bespoke solutions to sites that render winning esports betting experiences keeping esports gamblers happy.


Digitain is one of the most popular esports software providers which delivers customizable eSports solutions to operators and their gamblers looking for esports betting with all the bells and whistles. Digitain’s premium eSports software is bolted onto the award-winning sportsbook platform which offers general sports such as basketball, football, golf, and tennis, although Digitain offers esports betting to bookies running esports gambling sites, providing operators meet the criteria, as a stand-alone product which is a fully-functional gaming vertical available across all channels.

Currently, Digitain offer over 17000 monthly live events, over 30 esports game titles, and north of 1000 tournaments. Digitain boasts a trustworthy eSports betting solution with a full suite of winning products esports fanatics demand, enabling betting sites to succeed and gamblers to earn money.

Several awards elevate Digitain above the likes of BetConstruct. Digitain has been crowned as the best eSports betting software provider multiple times due to its impressive platforms which are fully adjustable on the operator side. Digitain’s eSports betting software offers a unique eSports layout providing a high-quality stream that punters can watch. Digitain’s popular games include are CSGO, DOTA2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, FIFA, NBA2K, and Fortnite. Of those games, CSGO gets the bulk of the wagering action, which should come as no surprise given its popularity across the board.


Sbtech’s eSports solutions offer a wide range of eSports games in more than 20 regulated markets with over 100 payment methods. Because Sbtech supports a wide range of the world’s leading payment methods and aggregators with localized options, Sbtech is an established brand that is fast becoming a formidable force in the eSports betting business.

With Sbtech software, site operators have access to more than 500 KPIs to answer all types of operational questions with the Sbtech real-time analytical platform fed by multiple data sources. Operators can manage players with real-time engagement via SBTech Chat and automatic multi-channel notifications that contribute to creating a trustworthy system with rapid solutions across all platforms in many countries.

One of Sbtech’s eSports betting software’s most impressive features is the option to deploy real-time data, performance dashboards, and detailed reporting breakdowns for each game, league, country, customer, VIP level, and risk level.

Established in 2007, Sbtech has more than 50 global partners that benefit from their acclaimed eSports betting solutions and has 25 different awards under its belt for amazing functioning straight out of the box.

How To Choose A Software Provider And Betting Site For You

As an esports gambler is it good to have an idea of what the top eSports software providers are all about, also about the gaming companies behind them, and which betting sites partner with the various different software providers making their solutions available to their player base.

Hardened VIP gamblers will understand software providers to the nth degree. Knowing which software will fit best with your betting needs comes with experience. Quality software that works for you will help build your bankroll no end, growing your wallet without you having to invest a huge amount of money.

Of the software providers listed above, it is hard to go wrong with Playtech or Digitain. But the main feature to look for is a UI with a layout that works for you on your chosen device be it a mobile, tablet, or PC. For mobile gamblers, both Playtech and Digitain provide betting software that renders on the small screen perfectly.

The bottom line is that you want esports betting software that is simple to understand, easy on the eye, and high-quality with awesome odds that slot in with your gambling needs. Opt for a betting site with software that offers a wide range of esports matches, tournaments, live events plus more. The top software providers listed offer a long list of esports games gamblers love such as CSGO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Valorant, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Fortnite, FIFA, and NBA2K.