Beginners Guide To Finding Betting Sites For eSports

Finding a site to accept your eSports bets is easy, finding a reputable one is tricky. In the good old days betting on traditional sports like tennis, golf and boxing was super easy. You would either visit your local bookmaker, fill in a bet slip and place your bet on football or golf for example. Or place a bet via telephone betting options.

Today there are thousands of online betting sites and a great deal offer eSports gambling. The question is how do you find the best site for your needs so you can make some money online safely and securely whilst enjoying the best possible experience? eSports Tipster guides you towards finding a betting site to fit in with your needs - a site which hopefully you can bet with again and again.

What Types Of eSports Betting Sites Are There?

The first thing you need to decide is what is important to you. It is important to do some research on the various betting options online and make a mental note of what you want otherwise your experience betting on eSports will be too much of a lottery. There are many different kinds of eSports betting sites each with a unique platform and distinct software providers, but there are three main types you should know about as you search for what you want.

Online Sportsbooks

LoL, CS:GO betting? Or perhaps Overwatch betting floats your boat? You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find odds for it at a good online sports book site. Whilst not all operators offer eSports betting the teams behind the top online sportsbook brands offer a range of eSports options for you to bet on. Most have in-play and live betting on a number of eSports titles and a lot today offer casino games like slots too. So, the next time it’s cold outside and you have a tip on a fixture or want to place a bet on the overall winner of a big eSports tournament go online grab a bonus then make your bet. It’s so simple and fun.

Casino sites Sportsbook ready

A number of online casinos recently have released a sport betting products with eSports odds built in alongside their casino games. This is an obvious step for a casino that has built up revenue, is keen to grow and wants to attract a new pool of customers. More often than not these are Scandinavian casino sites, like Casumo, with a betting on eSports nestled within the sportsbook. Some of these sites might catch your eye, especially if you like to play slots whilst you bet on eSports.

These sites are a hit with casual gamers because they are place an emphasis on fun with promotions that are geared for both casino and sports betting on eSports. Often the odds are competitive too. Sure, you can play card or roulette games at a number of sports books, just as you can now place bets on eSports at what were once dedicated casino sites. But what is important is that there is stark contrast between a casino’s first product offering and a sports book first product offering. So, it is a good idea to take this into consideration when you sign up to bet on eSports.

Dedicated eSports betting sites online

Only a few years ago dedicated eSports betting sites were not established. Fast forward and what we have on the market are these new sites offer sublime eSports betting opportunities. Steam your favorite eSports games whilst betting. Gamble safe in the knowledge that you are in the presence of other eSports fanatics. This option is best if you want the ultimate eSports betting experience, with management who really understand eSports gambling. and little else. More than likely, you won’t find slots here but if you want the very best eSports odds and betting promotions then you have found your weapon.

Pro tip: Our tipster lists the top eSports betting sites to avoid scams.

Beginners guide finding esports betting sites


You should try to explore eSports betting options before you sign up and certainly before you bet with real money. One thing to clock is your betting sites reputation especially in regards to eSports integrity. You want to make sure your betting strong support team who know eSports inside out. A strong customer support team should be able to help you with any concern you may have from signing up and depositing to betting and cashing out your winnings super fast. A good eSports betting site will have 24/7 customer service fully localised in your area that can help you understand their policies with no nonsense. What you will find is that reputable eSports operators are fast in their communication via live chat and happy to assist you whatever your question or query or email/phone plus messaging services like whatsapp and more. Read some of our Tipsters reviews online and brush up on trusted and secure sites. Remember if a site is getting bad feedback online then think twice before depositing money as you risk loosing your hard earned cash.

You also want to make sure that your preferred payment options are accepted at your eSports betting site of choice. Most operators accept Visa/Mastercard or bank transfers. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure that they take some additional online payments as well. Sites accepting Skrill, Neteller or PayPal get our vote. Sites with increased payment options carry credibility and security not to mention flexibility when gambling online. Enhanced payment methods make withdrawing money easy and give you options beyond the norm.

Pro tip: make a budget for how much you plan to spend on eSports at a site before you bet and think payment methods through because some are instant but some take 3-5 days to process payments to your account or wallet!


If you are fascinated by FPS games, you are going to be spoiled for choice. The FPS market goes hand in hand with betting and was fast to develop because it was simple to establish alongside sports betting. Go to the lobby and explore the types of FPS games that each site has to offer. Most have suite of FPS games that are available for you to bet on and a lot offer streaming options of big FPS events. eSports FPS games have become more intricate as technology has moved along and so have the betting options per game.

FPS games are often used as an acquisition tool because they are the most recognisable. Games like LoL are deemed suitable for new customer acquisition bonuses and rewards packages. In the same way that the Batman or the South park slot is used for casino advertising. They are recognisable by many with an emphasis on fun. FPS bonuses can be tricky to understand and might not suit your gaming style in which case you can opt not to us. These specialised casinos frequently reward their customers with promotions and bonuses for extra spins. Sometimes you can cash out these additional spins and sometimes there is a wagering requirement. They may also give each new customer a welcoming bonus. These bonuses are not created equal, and it takes a discerning eye to tell which one is best for you.

Pro tip: Investigate all bonuses and extra spin promotions.


Live Casinos offer eSports connoisseurs a heaven to let rip with winnings from betting online. It is safe to say that live casino is becoming increasingly popular with gamers. It is the live element which blows slots out of the water. Instead of playing simple slots, opting to play live casino gives you the option to join games live and play casino in real-time with all the community aspect thrown in. Frequently online casinos offer live roulette, poker and blackjack to entice customers.

As an online live casino player you can ‘sit down’ with logged in casino players in a stunning virtual land-based casino environment. This increases the thrill and tension of gambling but also accentuates the excitement that comes along with it and most importantly with playing live casino straight after a win on eSports you can double or triple your money easily. The best part is that there is usually a Live Chat feature that lets you talk to both the dealer and to the other players which makes gambling fun and social without the need for a headset.

Before playing Live Casino with real money you should know how to play each live casino game properly. A good idea is to play table games for free before playing live casino with eSports winnings. Live Blackjack has the best odds of winning while live roulette has poor RTP (Return to Player).

Pro tip: Only play live casino with eSports winnings if you know the rules inside out. The pace of live casino makes it more suitable for advanced players. Even though you might recognise games like roulette from Bond films it can do no harm playing for free outside of the live casino environment or streaming live casino first.


You might like to bet on a range of eSports outcomes and seek out multiple events. eSports betting sites like Unikrn and Luckbox are cornering the market at the moment and offer advanced eSports betting options. These sites are the ideal choice for you if you know your way around betting online or are totally new to gambling. These sites provide ‘how to’ guides relating to eSports games, betting and eSports in general. Sites which offer you access to an up-to-date eSports schedule on every eSports event are what you want to aim for. Many good eSports betting sites today will offer live betting on eSports and also offer same day payouts to your bank or eWallet. Sites which provide eSports accumulator bets, or even more exotic eSports bets are on the rise so look out for them.

Pro tip: Bookmark the recommended eSports betting sites to avoid being scammed or tricked.


Ensure you bet smart by reading about eSports bets from experts. The more knowledge of the eSports betting industry you have, the safer you’ll be signing up to a site and placing a bet on eSports online. Once you have found a top site to accept your eSports bet make your first bet is on an eSports game you know either through playing, streaming or word of mouth.

Don’t know LoL from your Valorant? It is a good idea to get familiar with one or two eSports games prior to making your first bet. Play top games on console or PC and get active in the streaming space – Twitch, Facebook Gaming and Youtube! For effective bets, it is key to have good knowledge of esports, the games, the players/teams and the major tournaments per country. Remember, information is key when placing first eSports bets online so consume all you can.

Once you feel confident you first bet shouldn’t be impulsive. If you have knowledge of Overwatch then bet on Overwatch. If you know CS:GO like the back of your hand then bet on CS:GO. The key is to build up your bankroll with your first few bets on eSports games you know before making risky bets on games you are unsure about.

Slow tempo games are good for first time eSports bets. While fast paced games played at rapid speed should be avoided, although these are great once you have established yourself because they offer you the chance to wager on multiple games at once which can not only be fun but rewarding.

Pro tip: Don’t bet on eSports games you do not fully understand!


Choosing a new eSports betting site can be daunting especially if you are new to the scene. As long arm yourself with tips from pros you should be fine. Perhaps the most important thing you need to understand is the game you’re interested in and the top players and winning teams involved. Another thing is to make sure that you’re not breaking any laws by gambling online in your country of residence as this might come back to sting you when you go to withdraw winnings. Decide what types of bets you’re interested in and what works for you. Do you like to bet on eSports with mobile phone or PC? Test the site’s support and explore payment methods before you bet for the best experience overall.

Pro tip: With this information, start doing some research, sign up to some top eSports sites and discover what is works for you!

HOW DO I MAKE SURE A BETTING SITE IS LEGAL?Before you select your site to bet with you need to make sure that it’s one that will work for you. Many gambling sites with eSports betting have strict country restrictions and regulations meaning that only allow people from certain countries can sign up to bet. Very often sites are only eligible for US or UK residents and this is monitored by IP address amongst other things by the site's fraud team of specialists. Make sure the site you join is localized in the country or countries you will be betting from. Also, make sure the site holds a license for the relevant jurisdiction or you could end up losing all of your money if the site operator is rogue. The same is true in regards to eSports bonuses in so much as that there are different betting rules and bonus regulations around the world, and not all markets get equal bonus offers. For example, in the UK, sports bonuses offered to new customers are notoriously stricter than those offered to new Nordic customers. This is due to differing player values and behavior patterns per region. High-value customers are associated with certain areas often where wages are high and there are fewer betting brands to choose from. It goes without saying that sites offering eSports betting in India tend to offer small bonuses due to rampant bonus abuse. To help you see the wood through the trees, our Tipster has done the dirty work and listed the best sites with bonuses for eSports betting by country.